The best Option for the acquaintance with St. Petersburg – city tour

Meeting with the most famous corners of Saint-Petersburg for a couple of hours is realistic. Sightseeing Tour to see the guests of the Northern capital with interesting sights and gain a deeper insight about the city. The Nevsky Prospekt, Palace square, St. Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedral, the winter Palace – all these places are in the program.

The acquaintance with St. Petersburg in 2.5 hours

Under excursions in the Northern capital a strong leadership role Bus. Such a Sightseeing-walk in a short period of time as impressions. The main streets and squares, the Imperial palaces, architectural monuments – everything at a glance. The participants of the excursion will learn with pride of St. Petersburg – the main attractions. Among Them:

The Admiralty;

St. Isaac’s Square and the Cathedral, to her;

The Nevsky Prospekt;

Of The Winter Palace.

Are you looking for the best Sightseeing Tour? Select the Option of Hiking to the Bus. In a short time you will see the sights, which are located in different districts of St. Petersburg. The excursion also familiarity with the Peter-Paul fortress, house of Peter the First, the arrow of Vasilievsky island. And still participants of the picturesque expect promenades and magnificent summer garden. The Nevsky Prospekt, you are not necessarily familiar to the participants of the excursion to make – the most important street of the city. Century serves the residents of St. Petersburg and was a witness of various historical events.
Morning & Night, St. Petersburg
A great advantage is the possibility of a tour. Early risers can go on a walk in the morning hours around 9: 30 For those who like to sleep, as the later variations: 11:00, 12:30 and 14:30. A view of the city in the evening hours to allow a late trip in 17:30.
Each time has its own peculiarities. To come in the day period of time possible in contact with the human and transport flows, a feel for the rhythm of St. Petersburg with the dynamics. The twilight of the city meets the peculiar mysticism. Night Panorama невских embankments, illuminations palaces, the lighting of the monuments… the Famous “bronze horseman” also looks different than during the day. At the monument a kind of background lighting.

There is no bad weather
A city tour is not in connection with the weather. The participants with the comfort are located in a comfortable arm-chair on the transportation from object to object. Neither rain, nor wind, neither the hot sun does not interfere through the city. You can dress up as man to look like on the pictures. Since the participants will move with the Bus to deliver an uncomfortable and beautiful shoes or a long dress for the inconvenience.
According to the rankings of “Yandex”, in the Top TEN of the most photographed sights of St. Petersburg Peter-Paul fortress came. The pictures with your user load most of the time. This object in the program of tours of the city.
Also in the Top 10 of the Catherine Palace, summer garden, Church of the resurrection, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Smolny monastery landed. A little less attention to the tourists and residents of the city of Kazan Cathedral and Palace square. Closes the list of the Nicholas naval Cathedral. It is curious that the attention of the tourists in St. Petersburg is not focused mainly on religious buildings and beautiful buildings: castles, Chateaux, manor houses, high houses and palaces.
Such trips suitable for those who:

time is limited;

arrived in St. Petersburg for the first time;

wants impressions to refresh;

better comfort for the journey to the city;

she hopes to save money by the encounter with St. Petersburg.

Especially handy is the Bus-educational travel for seniors, people with disabilities, families with small children.
Instead Of Thousands Of Prints

Some of the tourist deal, the overview of field trips page, prefer to rely on printouts from the Internet. Actually, you do not need to interfere. You can, with St. Petersburg thanks to a tour with the Bus excursions. The participants in the walks will receive a total impression of the Northern capital, a lot of practical tips from the tour guides, meetings with famous sights and hidden corners. To based then a lot easier in the city. Also, there is no need to spend time on the search for all the objects. You will travel in the places which attracted the most.

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