The best health resorts of Russia. Overview


More and more Russians to spend the Winter holidays at the home. Undisputed market leader is regarded as Sochi. The Resort is ready to accommodate tourists throughout the year. And if in the summer the people go for the sun and the sea, in Winter, skiing is. However, offer the Russians quality holiday ready, and other places.

The largest holiday Region in Russia — the Caucasian mineral waters. There is a large number of springs and sanatoriums. An area of more than 5 thousand square kilometers, on the site of a 3 subjects of the Federation: the Stavropol territory, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, the popular ski resort of Dombay.

In Dagestan, there are resorts on the Caspian sea and in the mountains you can go skiing. The Region has a variety of historic sights and the old fortress of the city of Derbent, in the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

In Ingushetia there are several sanatoriums and downhill skiing. There are Ачалукское the Deposit of mineral waters. Also the Republic is known for its old towers, many of which are several hundred years.

The most well-known ski resort of North Ossetia — particles. It runs a holiday home and many of the private Hotels.

Your Wellness-Hotels, campsites and Hotels there are in Chechnya. Republic is known for many natural and historical attractions.