The battle for the Russian tourists at the MITT in 2016

At the upcoming exhibition MITT / travel and tourism develop a serious struggle for the tourist flows from Russia. The countries of the Mediterranean region to increase their presence, and never believe how big present at the fair, prepare, announce, on your proposals for the whole year. Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Cyprus posted on MITT the large areas.
The States in the Middle East and in South-East Asia also expect an increase in tourism, and actively promote, on the MITT. Egypt prepares for the resumption of the Software that is used from Russia on the status of the work, numerous Hotels and guest farms. Despite the difficult political Situation, the Turkish tourism industry still considers Russia its priority Partner – Turkey will be at the fair a whole pavilion.

The Russian Resorts and regions do not want to admit foreigners, and they set a goal to increase the number of Russians. On MITT 2016 will increase the number of regional participants, which is almost complete, the regions of the North Caucasus, form the competition of Sochi, the Crimea and Altai. In the hall “Russia” almost no places.

Туроператорские companies present offers, for their traditional and new directions that the market dictates. In the MITT 2016 to participate, the most operators, with the largest Agency network and travel agencies throughout the country.

The exhibition MITT in 2016, will take place 23-26. March in Moscow, Expocentre. You will receive a free E-Ticket.