The Atlanta airport was in the car of your стомиллионному front passenger

The international airport in the U.S. city of Atlanta (Georgia) solemnly said performance девятизначной the numbers of annual passenger numbers. At a special ceremony стомиллионному passenger was the car’s Nissan Altima, it informs on Sunday, 27. December, TASS.

Happiness was a resident of the city Галфпорта (Mississippi) Larry Kendrick. In addition to the car, he received two free Tickets for the flight of the company “Delta” and a gift card to the value of $ 500.

The management of the air port has taken special measures to take in order to “not miss” of his jubilee visitors, said the Agency. Kendrick on the red carpet, photographed on the memory and moved to Video for the Show on TV. Congratulated the lucky winners of the mayor personally Kasim reed.

The Management of the airport keeps its performance record, said the Agency.

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12:48 17. January 2013

Hartsfield-Jackson airport is regarded as the biggest in the world пассажирскому traffic and by the number of take-offs and landings. Only this year, passenger traffic increased by 5 percent, reports the Agency referring to the words of the Manager airport Miguel Саутуэлла.

In Turkey, in 2013, decided to block the record from Atlanta, and announced the construction of a new turn with cope with 150 million people per year. According to the data for the year 2012, the traffic from the Atlanta airport amounted to 81 million passengers, the bandwidth from London Heathrow reached approximately 70 million passengers, the Dubai airport served around 60 million people.