Thailand is the world day of tourism

The tourism authority of Thailand (TAT) launched a special campaign We Care, thanks to which is calculated to minimise the negative impact of the recent terrorist attacks and the guests of the country to convince them that the stay in the Kingdom for sure. In addition, the FACT reported.

In the framework of this campaign, large-scale events on the local and foreign tourists in the country. So, at the beginning of September the combined and unprecedented Jazz-go-Festival in Hua – Run Jazz Cycling Festival in Hua Hin, the together thousands of Fans of active life style, art, and sports. In the context of the food fair, Marathon and Cycling competitions.

In addition, future autumn in Thailand, a large-scale Golf tournament, which brings together the best athletes of the country and the world.

A large-scale event – “Beautiful Thailand” in Bangkok in Lumphini Park from the 1. to 7. October of 2016.

Holidays, the Festival of Street Food, local food, trade fair, city festival of street jewellery.

Also at the end of September to take place is Expat, in which the countries in the location, the guests learn about the unique Thai culture, Tradition, cuisine and sights.

According to the FACT, on a national level, the recent incidents of mass recession awakened the domestic tourist traffic. The same applies for the Incoming tourism, despite the active information field, the recession, showed only a weak and overly-sensitive markets. Thai travel organizer cases usually do not freeze cancellations of tours, with the exception of a single.

The head is INDEED a Ютасак Супасорн said, commenting on the campaign launch: “We start this project to improve the sustainability of the sector and the strengthening of confidence on the part of foreign markets. We want to show that Thailand and the Thai people sincerely care about the welfare of all tourists, and we want that the guests were safe in their security, a decision on a stay in our Kingdom. We believe that all help these special measures and initiatives to stimulate travel for the Rest of the year”.

It is worth noting that in the Wake of the recent incidents in Thailand is the location of the center of monitoring, by the tourist authorities in the country to receive fast and current information about the Situation in the industry and the reaction of the markets was opened.

By the way, this year the world day of tourism on 27. September will be celebrating in Bangkok.

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