Telegram from Santa Claus

Dear Children! You pass your parents, that my carriage to the maintenance and the deer are on vacation. And by the time razvezti in Moscow a Million gifts, I move on the snow-white * Anti-self-propelled yachts of flotilla “Radisson Royal”. By the way, come to me on the Yacht, merry Christmas, Christmas trees, from 2. to 9. January – I have for you an interesting spectacle, treats and of course Christmas! Very been waiting for you!

Your Santa Claus

Christmas flights to wait for you:

Christmas is an interactive program with Santa Claus *

An exciting, interactive fairy-tale performance of “father Frost’s birthday or Хитрюша Beautiful”. In the main roles: Santa Claus and Хитрюша Beautiful.

A feast for the children, the chef-fleet, Lorenzo Страппато **

Gift from Santa Claus

A wonderful Chance to take a ride on the all-weather yachts-ледоходах and feel like a real winner in the North!

The cost of the children Tickets for Christmas flight – 1900 Euro. Included in the price: flight, new year’s eve extravaganza, the gift from Santa Claus, children’s entertainment on the specified menu, and also the presence of the supervisor (1 Person). Not included in the price: a feast for the support of the child; possible, the order of the food and drinks à la carte for an extra charge.
*For children from 5 to 10 years. Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes.
** The price of the children Ticket, including catering of 1 child: grandma’s cake” with Apple (1 PCs.) and meat (1 PCs.), Marshmallow (2 PCs.) , Morse (0,25) and, of course, Mandarin oranges( 2 PCs.)

For a fee, the order of the food and drinks à la carte.
Schedule Christmas Tree-Flights

The dates of the Christmas tree-flights: 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and the 9. January

The departure time of flight: 12.00 PM (Boarding at 11-30) and 16.00 hrs (Boarding 15-30).

The duration of the Christmas tree-flights: 2 hours

Route: from the Kremlin and back.

Address drop and create: Kai “Hotel “Ukraine”, the Promenade of Taras Shevchenko, metro Station “Kiev”. On Yandex.The Cards.
The flotilla “Radisson Royal, Moscow” – the only company in the capital, with the right year-round Navigation. Thanks to the reinforced casing, way qualities, the modern Snap-in, and the climate control in the cabin guarantees a Maximum of comfort and safety, even in the Russian Winter and the vibrant emotions of the magnificence of kinds of snow-covered Moscow, the glittering of the Christmas tree lights.
For more information on Tel.: 8 (495) 228-55-55