Surprises of the “roller coaster town” to the little guests

“Roller coaster town” with the start of the next ski season once again confirmed the title of the family Resort. 30. December here provide a unique Playground for the younger guests – “Club LEGOLAND in the roller coaster of the city”.

This is the first result of the strategic cooperation LEGOLAND Billund Resort & Resorts “roller coaster of the city, and more still, it is the first such project in the South of Russia.

In Europe, it is the largest amusement Park in LEGOLAND Billund for the first time by the company LEGO in the year 1968. And today, LEGOLAND Billund Resort is a Resort consisting of a theme Park LEGOLAND, complex, water sports, Lalandia and the Safari Park Givskud with the largest population of lions in Europe. During the construction of the theme Park in a place called Billund were involved more than 60 million building blocks of LEGO. In addition to the many families, this Resort attracts millions of guests annually through the fabulous stories here, mixed with Andersen’s fairy tales, and legends of the Vikings and colorful middle ages to the objects of the cultural heritage of the UNESCO.

At the Moment in the world open seven amusement parks LEGOLAND Resort. All theme parks connected LEGO themes, and the landscape is made up of millions of building blocks of LEGO. In addition to the theme parks under the brand of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre working 11 many attractions in confined spaces.

“Club LEGOLAND in the roller coaster of the city” is also in closed rooms. The are two playgrounds (one in the “Top” and “Bottom” of the city, at 540 and 960 m), where the children can have in the magical world of the famous building blocks, and to get acquainted with the stories of the characters LEGO. On a surface area of 150 m2 is also a children’s cinema and showroom. In the framework of the project, daily entertainment program in the rooms and in the fresh air, and all of the programs are considering the development of imagination and creativity through the game.

The uniqueness of the playgrounds, which are located in the “Lower city” at 540 in the “roller coaster town” (to the left of the landing on the home page cable car and next to the rent ski equipment), is not only the location of the resort the mountains. It is the only playgrounds LEGOLAND in a world that is free and open to all children from the age of two years. Here under the supervision of the parents can play each child.

Another Playground with 30. December is in the “Upper city” on the level of 960 in the Hotel “coaster Art”. Here can the guests of the Hotels of the resort, the children can the whole day to immerse yourself in the world of stories and characters LEGOLAND.

In the next year “the Jazz Tour” is the exclusive representative of the resort, LEGOLAND Billund in Russia plant, such as the playgrounds of the children-Club in the “roller coaster town”, and the concept to recommend

Alexander Евфорицкий, the head of the “Jazz-Tour” and the project LEGOLAND in Russia:

– We are grateful to the health resort “roller coaster town” for the interest in the project, and effective collaboration. I hope that the wonderful world of LEGOLAND, the demand, and receives a positive feedback from resort guests. Our main task is the development of creative abilities and representation on the basis of the stories of the characters LEGOLAND. Main bathroom – free of charge and we would be happy to see them all. And, of course, in the coming year, we invite all in Denmark in Billund in the greatest and amazing Resort LEGOLAND – this is a 3 year, we will organise programmes with a direct flight for the may holidays and in the summer. The main innovation of the season in the Danish LEGOLAND was the thematic зоныNinjago World, the of 5-100 m2 – it is the largest thematic project in the framework of the LEGOLAND Parks. During construction, several millions of building blocks, LEGO, and from time to time on the preparation – more than 20 months!

Pioneers of “mountain Club LEGOLAND in the roller coaster of the city” were the pupils of the kindergarten of combined type no. 117. The small inhabitant of Krasnaya Polyana came to the opening of the club with parents and educators. A fun meeting with animators, animated films, games and pick-up of building blocks of LEGO gave all the guests a piece of the fantastic Solar world.

Dmitry co-operative society, – COO-Resort “roller coaster town”

– We are a socially-oriented company. Despite the fact that this is a business is a business with a human face. So for all the guests of our resort, particularly for the small, originally, the idea was to organize kindergartens and free Casino Clubs, where you go to play, and where children, guaranteed, is boring.

Denis hare, the head of the project “Where to travel”:

For the development of recreation areas and enhancement of the children’s programs in Russia, the experience of foreign partners is invaluable. Well, if good initiatives, a meaningful implementation of the with the use and enjoyment of the people. Only is constantly working on the quality of the services and the concept of the Service-perhaps they will be competitive and really attractive for the Russian customers.

In the current High season, the places “Club LEGOLAND in a roller coaster, the town” will work up to 3. April 2016.