Summer holiday in the mountains: dispelling the myths!

For 20 years of active education of the Outbound tourism in Russia our fellow citizens are accustomed to a particular model of recovery. Its short formula looks like this: All inclusive+I-or II-of the coast line. Many Russians are ready to change the Format, but without a complete and up-to-date information to decide, it is not easy for everyone. Today, TRN the of the exposure for most persistent myths about the fact that the summer in the mountains – it is uncomfortable and boring holiday. And we Khutor in this mountain Resort “rosa”.

MYTH NUMBER 1: “I’ll stay without the sea”

For most Russians, the sea – this is a great opportunity emotions update, take pretty pictures, soak up the vibrant energy and finally for the improvement of health. What’s the holiday without the sea? Yes, that’s right! Should you deprive yourself of what you dream all year of sitting in the dreary office.

For Fans of Maritime leisure Resort “rosa Khutor” provided free Shuttle service to the beach is his trademark. Spacious modern buses depart from the lower part of the resort in the schedule: early in the morning and in the afternoon. And again, the guests will be able to return in the afternoon or in the evening, to know in advance the time of departure (usually twice a day).

The beach “rosa Khutor” is located in Adler, just opposite the famous Olympic venues. He is quite large in area and convenient for the holidays: towels distribute at the entrance, equipped with changing cabins, showers and toilets, sun loungers with parasols are free of charge for guests of the resort and in the vicinity – on the boardwalk – are constantly working the tents with ice cream, juices, soft drinks and sweets.

In order to get to the beach, you must in advance a Shuttle service at the front Desk of his hotel. And since it is the choice for tourist to stay in the mountains or to the sea. The path to the beach runs between the picturesque landscapes along the river and will not take longer than 40 minutes.

If you don’t want to bottom out, but the sun and bathing still want to, it’s worth it, in the beach area of Rosa Beach. Lovely artificial lake is located directly behind the Hotel Raedisson Rosa Khutor on the Promenade of the resort.

MYTH NUMBER 2: “always cold IN the mountains. Brrr!”

This is not true. In the mountains, you can take refuge against the scorching heat and the warm summer, enjoy the sun, breathe the freshest of air filled with the scent of herbs. Of course, the temperature a few degrees doesn’t bother to be lower than the bottom, but this is absolutely soothing relaxation.

If you climb on the funicular up to the top of the Resort “rosa Peak” (altitude 2320 above sea level), here is a little colder than in the mountain Olympic village or on the promenade of lavender, Rose in the Valley. But it’s worth it. Eyes and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the entire Resort. Captures the spirit of such beauty, well, and photos are really impressive!

In the evening walk through the Resort to participate, it should avoid a light jacket, but this is true only in a rainy or cloudy day. Usually in the summer here is pretty warm – not less than 25 degrees, and in the afternoon it comes to hot even.

MYTH number 3: “to do the summer in the mountains nothing”

Perhaps the funniest of all the existing myths about the mountain-holiday in the summer. If you has for your holiday in the Tourist time, embrace everything it offers as an Entertainment Resort “rosa Khutor”, it will be amazing.

The choice is really huge, it is important to distribute the time correctly, in order to offer as many attractions. An overview of some of them.

Can not imagine a day without sports? Then safe step-in Bicycle rental, choose a bike and, looking at the local beauty! In the rental of Sport -, city -, mountain-models, and even the family bicycles for a leisurely skate on the boardwalk.

Active people also enjoy Yoga classes, Nordic walking, Trekking routes and horseback riding through the mountains. Make the trip on a quiet and well-trained horses and enjoy the climb to the summit of the “pink Peak”. Tourists accompany of experienced instructors, horse riding should only step, therefore, it is not important to an experienced rider or not. The main thing is to enjoy the view and Balance in the saddle!

To experience for those who on the strength of the ideal, Russia’s first cable complex “Panda Park,” the obstacles are located at the height of the 9-storey building (23 m above the ground). But the growth of the daredevil necessarily 140 cm is exceeded, since, otherwise, wait a few years with the Tests.

There are in the Arsenal of the Resorts and more democratic for the entertainment of the youngest visitors. Including, no doubt, trolls-Route “Flying Eagle”, Rafting on the river Мзмымта on the boat on the Single, and a crossbow лучный shooting.

Lovers of the wild animals and nature wait for you in вольерном complex of the Caucasian national Park. Here are the 74 species of mammals, 10 species of amphibians, 241 species of birds, 19 species of reptiles live. And some of them are listed in the Red book.

Fans of the new and the old history is worth exploring Krasnaya Polyana Olympic or ethnographic complex “My Russia”. Ended the interesting day tasting of alcoholic drinks in Краснополянском the tasting room.

Culturally enriched during the leisure time, his actor’s unique mountain-theatre-Show “Caucasian captive”, which premiered this summer, can be of assistance to you. The action takes place against the backdrop of the majestic mountains, directly in the lap of nature, in the vicinity of the extreme-Park Resort. In the program 50 participants: actors, батутисты, Stuntmen, канатоходцы, Hip involved-Hopper in bright suits to play the scenes on the motives of the myths and legends of the Caucasus, as well as on the basis of historical events. In the piece of different Genres – folk, Musical, circus, Drama to be synthesized.

By the way, all of these and other activities, you can use a single package to buy together with a night on the Website of the “rosa Khutor”, that will be cheaper than buying the services separately (although its value is quite democratic).

MYTH number 4: “Hotels in the mountains are expensive, but you have little other choice”

Of course, in a resort will not cost so a selection of Hotels on the coast, but is a good Option, and here are a number of services that anyone can. So, on the territory of “rosa Khutor” there are 11 Hotels. Six-Level 3-5-star accommodation in Rose Valley, at an altitude of 560 meters above the sea level. Including – Radisson Hotel (181 rooms), Park Inn by Radisson Hotel (211 rooms), Mercure (153 rooms), Golden Tulip (162 rooms), Tulip Inn (148 rooms), Atlant (174 rooms).

Several Hotels are located on the territory of the Beskid of the Olympic village, at an altitude of 1170 meters above sea level: Rosa Ski Inn (271 rooms); Rider’s lodge (152 rooms), “height 1170” Mini-Hotel “Rifugio Panda”. In addition to this, tourists are away for the accommodation of 5 Apart-Hotels (394 apartments), and a complex consisting of 12 Chalets, such as the mountain of the Olympic village, 100 m from the cable car station.

Separately, I would like to on the new product last Winter and this summer – the new SPA-Balneo Hotel Rosa Springs 4*, and in the Format of the sanatorium. It is located at 1170 m above sea level in the Olympic village. In the immediate vicinity of the Hotel the lifts “Olympia” and “Chalet”, which is very convenient in the Winter for skiers. The Hotel has panoramic views of the summit of the mountain is surrounded by mountains back Аибга from every room.

The Hotel offers guests 205 rooms of the categories Standard, comfort, Junior Suite and Suite. The choice of Studio, двухкомнатые and three bed rooms as well as room коннекты (family) rooms and for malomobilnih the groups of the population.

Kitchen Pink Springs is a different topic. The chef and his Team deserve special praise. The quality and selection of dishes is large and well. The Hotel has a Lobby-Bar, Phyto-Bar and two Restaurants. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet form to be white in the Restaurant “noble”. In “Розмарине” serves dishes of Russian cuisine made with local products (in the menu dishes of meat, fish and seafood). In the Lobby the reception Lobby, and Phyto-Bar.

A big Plus is the business card of the hotel is the Spa complex. Status Balneo-SPA at Hotel Rosa Springs 4* since April of the current year. Today, more than 20 health and medical services. Guests can improve overall health, strengthen the immune system, treat the joints and the heart.

It is noteworthy that directly in the Hotel open daily and drinking hall with healing water from two local sources – Чвижепсе and Sochi.

In the composition of unique SPA complex, you will get all the free use of all guests the location of this hotel include a swimming pool 20 m, 4 types of baths (herbal steam bath, Finnish Sauna, Laconium, Hamam) and Fitness Center (hall 4 – Fitness, aerobics, Power Yoga space).

In addition, it offers a beauty salon, in-room-diagnosis and treatment, the mud baths and the water healing institution on the Basis of mineral sources of Krasnaya Polyana, and other treatment rooms of the Spa destinations, as well as Fitness, aerobics and Power-room, a game room for children.

We will note that in the coming years, the Resort “rosa Khutor” is the number Fund your increase. Given the high bandwidth of elevators “rosa Khutor” (10 500 visitors per day in the Winter), needed at least 3000 rooms. The Download up to a desirable level, values of the reserves will not be upgraded even to the level of the hotel building, where during the Olympic games of 2014 lived coaches, athletes and support personnel.

MYTH number 5: “the prices in mountain cafes and Restaurants are exorbitantly high”

This myth is related with the previous one and is also wrong. Selection of Cafes, Bars and Restaurants is so great that the eyes diverge.

Wanted to eat, what it means, on the run – welcome – scented cakes, shawarma, all kinds of national (Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia) treats, homemade wines and freshly squeezed juices at the fair to sell in the lower part of the resort.

Want to sit cheap and delicious in the cosy company and under good music? Without Problems!

An important guest or a larger date? To upscale Restaurants, to services having a rest.

Fancy a time in a special way? Then you have the “Розау Peak”, where there is food and you can enjoy the magnificent view.

In other words, explore the site and find your!

The mountains in the summer seem a little foreign and unpleasant? This is good. So, it is possible for us, at least, a part of the incredible energy boost, the mountains.

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