Sochi: an old friend with a new face

Who of the Russians in Sochi? There are only a few… But many of those who has not seen it yet new, the Olympic Sochi, really resort, the city has become recently. At the Start of the winter season is the tour operator TUI Russia organized a three-day drive for the Russian travel agents and journalists. The flight was on the wings of the company S7, lived the group in a beautiful Hotel Solis Sochi Hotel 5* (- coaster in the city, level 960).

Sochi is the favorite inside the Spa resort of Russian: of the sea, tropical Vegetation, fills the air wonderful healing scents, fruits, cleanliness, comfort. Beautiful Sunny city has the longest coastline in Russia, 125 km along the Black sea.

The Olympic winter games in 2014, the Resort was even more beautiful, more comfortable for life and leisure. Complex of sports facilities, Hotels and suites, built for the athletes in the Olympic village, in the vicinity of the new and comfortable airport.

Sochi, the venue of the Olympic games – the peculiar village with a long history, which now attracts thousands of visitors with its mountainous landscapes, ancient relics forests, crystal clear mountain lakes, clean air and mineral springs.

We drive 2200?

On the program of the Tour was the way in the two-level Resort “roller coaster town” on the mark of 960 m above the sea level. We drove through the switchbacks, through Tunnels, and the only one in the world of mountain вантовому of the bridge. The roads in the mountains to the Olympic games of coated high-strength Asphalt, which does not deform at high temperatures. All other on-and descents were with the latest in cable cars.

Not having the time to get used to the height of 960, the group went on a 2200 m for the inspection of the ski slopes and infrastructure. Breathtaking, and of the height and the beauty of the mountain scenery, because it is precisely this altitude, in the background the snow-capped peaks grow the highest pine Russia!

Slopes for skiers to cover with artificial snow using snow cannons. “Пухляк” – so called, not synthetic, consists of water, but one of the snow structure which has a better slide. In addition to the winter sports, for tourists tours of varying length and difficulty.

At least once in life must be the person to go to the mountains, and on the sloping track, these impressions are not never forget. The participants in the Tour again in “roller coaster town” before the dawn, and could appreciate night mountain landscape with flashing lights in residential areas.

The Russian Switzerland

Rounds, squares and разбегающимися of them under different inclinations, the cobbled streets with the newest Hotels and Apartments “roller coaster town,” recalls the new Europe. In the off season, Hotels are filled with 30%, but for the Ski period, Christmas and new year Spa performance are busy at 100%.

Those seeking privacy, worth a try, for a holiday, the “low” season here at this time only a few tourists, the prices are lower, but the environment is so beautiful, and the air is still fresh.

With a Hotel key card, with the cable car to go fast, every brand year-round Resort “roller coaster town”, the two height – 960 and 540 m, If desired, on the sea you can reach by s-Bahn train “swallow”.

General hotel the hotel Resort is 700 rooms in various categories. Hotels are great for single, family and SPA holidays. Business travelers, offer a large selection of meeting rooms for corporate events and all celebrations. Pets are welcome in the Hotel.

On the second day of the press Tour journalists met with the infrastructure of the lower level “roller coaster in the city” at an altitude of 540 m, then visited the cultural and ethnographic complex “My Russia”, which is a fascinating insight into Russia 18-19 centuries, from the Caucasus to Yakutia. A stroll through the complex, visitors are then Buddhist temple, tower of the Kazan Kremlin, about a Minute in St. Petersburg. In each geographical Region has its own architecture, the life, the culture.

The Famous “Rosa Khutor”

Guests attended the Resort “rosa Khutor”, with two fine promenades, and four curved bridges, across the stormy river Mzymta. It is the most popular brand of Krasnaya Polyana. During the Olympic games, the square in front of the town hall was a center of culture and Entertainment life and especially the media-centre of the events.

Mining and tourism-the centre “Gazprom”

Rise is the longest in the world (5 km) cable car to the five pillars roundabout in mining and tourism-the centre “Gazprom”. It is – season Resort, consisting of Hotels; Ski and Biathlon complex “Laura” -, social-and cultural centre “Galaxy” with the ice arena and water Park; complex of cable cars and ski slopes, some of the toughest in the world. The infrastructure objects are located in the valley of the river Achipse and on the plateau psekhako on the heights of 540 to 1600 m above the sea level.

The complex of “Gazprom” – is the oldest village of Krasnaya Polyana, in the Winter work as a Ski-Center of world-class, and lower – than-Spa-Resort, the center of business and leisure activities. The area is 373 hectares, capacity of all the Hotels – about 2000 people. The total length of ski slopes and trails for snowboarding, seven of which, by the way, illuminated for the night skiing, is 23 km.

“Bears Porridge Cooking”

So, here say to the clouds in the mountains, the travelers can observe that on different levels. It creates the impression as if they are from the dense thicket of the montane forest is the smoke. Someone calls this phenomenon of nature, “mountains smoke”. By the way, local bears often fall in the settlement of our beekeepers, and the world-famous film Director Gaidai used here your films, including “the Caucasian prisoner”.

On the day of departure, the group visited the SKY Park with the longest suspension bridge in the length of 439 km, the Hotel is situated at an altitude of 270 M. One of the participants of the Tour gained a wireless leap with “тарзанкой” with a height of 69 meters and worthy showed his bravery. During the Pairing-jump on 127 m surprised Manager, Host company, fearless Alik, the fun spurred you on, your my assistant.

Overcome the entire length of the bridge could units, most have only until the second capsule, on the middle of the bow. With suspension bridge opened wonderful views of the white cliffs in самшитовых forests and a trout farm, which, incidentally, organize Sightseeing, Rafting on the river Mzymta. Tourists to offer exciting “Win-Win” fishing and lunch with fresh fish. The trout here are bred in two types – Bernstein and Adler.

On the eve of the departure of the group took place the press-Dinner, on the was a leading product Manager of TUI Russia Alexander Бородуля. Aboutтвечая on the questions of the journalists, she has noticed a place Krasnaya Polyana as a profitable and spacious direction. According to the words of Mrs. Бородуля, in the current season, the prices for турпродукт rose in connection with the successful sales of the last year

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