Season legal hunting in Pokémon!

Recently, the whole world recognized Покемономании the shaft. Interest called, and heated, with unique offerings of companies on the purchase of shares in Pokemon, the Pokemon lottery photo, most fascinating tourist trips for catching Pokémon for the Golden Ring of Russia.
To take into account in the creation and implementation of conceptually new tourism products and travel agencies and tour operators legal risks. In the case of a harmless at first glance, the game there is another page that can deliver to their customers (players) to place Pokemon on the defenders of a law and order may also open the hunt.
As you spend time with friends and like-minded people about your favorite Hobby, and without problems with the law? To this question we asked the answer, attorney at law, Managing Partner of legal Bureau “Advocate a Premium” – Timur Чанышева:

“We want to warn all Fans of the maximum fascinating game of the negative effects. The hunt makes it more exciting, on the street, in Parks and open areas for the most part, harmless, quite different are the consequences for you when in contact with the closed and specially protected areas.
Particularly interesting is the game is during the journey into the unexplored territories, the inclusion in the game is more addictive. To give a fascinating journey is a exciting experience, knowledge and positive emotions. In order for this not marred by difficulties, we consider the liability according to the Russian legislation on the example of the popular Tour of “Pokemon-Go for the Golden Ring”. It is clear to all, but we will note that the laws of Russia, not directly related to Pokemon.
The trip on the Golden Ring, like any other, connected with the road: all the tourists – the participants in traffic, so if you have to be the rules of the traces of the Pokemon, be very careful and not to forget the traffic. Violations are subject to the code of administrative offences, in particular, section 12.29 of the administrative Code (violation of the rules of traffic safety of pedestrians or other Person participating in road traffic) where the sentence is from a warning up to a fine in the amount of up to 1 500 rubles, and from 12: 30 am administrative Code (violation of the rules of traffic safety of pedestrians or other participants in road traffic, which results in an impairment of the movement of vehicles, or cause damage to the lungs, or the mean severity of the damage to the health of the person concerned), where is the punishment from a penalty in the amount of 1 000 euros to 1 500 euros.
In the course of the trip, a Tourist numerous historical places and not always visited in the location, determine the belonging of the territories. Here is a list of places where it is not necessary забредать and pitfalls on pokemon: private territory, territory спецсубъектов, temple.
Catch a Monster is set on a private plot of land, can lead to criminal liability for the illegal entry into a house, with a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, or imprisonment up to 3 years (article 139 of the criminal code).
Monsters can hide in a protected area of museums, conservation areas, underground or under water objects under the state protection. The capture of such a Pokemon and threaten a fine in the amount up to 700 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to 4 years of age and qualify as “illegal intrusion to the protected object” (v. 215.4 of the criminal code).
Laws are not recommend, pitfalls lay in the churches, temples, cathedrals, as in this case, sentences for “hooliganism” (article 213 of the criminal code) threatening, with the maximum punishment till 8 years of imprisonment.
During the visit the pearls of the Orthodox culture, the Trinity-Sergius monastery, Saviour’s Transfiguration Cathedral, the temple of the mother of God of Vladimir, assumption Cathedral and other attractions is taken into account in the framework of the Tour to the Golden Ring, the degree of Holiness, since the insult to the religious feelings of believers can cost a fine of 200 thousand rubles and a possible prison sentence of up to 1 year (§148 StGB).

You respect their tourists, so that they hunt in a circle for покемами in the city of Vladimir, folk song sung by Michael Krug “Vladimir Tsentral” and don’t forget about the law. And God forbid that their Pokemon climbed onto the dome with the cross, for it could be in “Бутырку” or “Матросскую silence”.
Also you need to remember that, to capture the beauty of the historical sites, due to prohibition of photo-and Video-recording by “self”, and put them in the light of the place of Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanova, Sergiev-Posad and other places, each risk shall be complied with, in the data transmission, to the outer observation, historical buildings, museums. A huge increase of crimes in the sphere of transfer of data, which can be interpreted as espionage (article 276 of the criminal code). Every Pokemon in the position as a mediator and educator, he could get away capture in the trap, and нарушившему article of the criminal code threatens from 10 till 20 years of imprisonment.
Virtuality of the game does not exempt you from the real responsibility, and, as it turned out, only we don’t teach yourself”.

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