Rosturizm warns of outbreak of Cholera in Tanzania

Cps and rosturizm informed about the deterioration of the epidemiological Situation of Cholera in Tanzania, where in 4 months, more than 5 thousand cases.

“The outbreak of Cholera in Tanzania was due to the inadequate measures for the disinfection of drinking water and not the compliance of the residents of the elementary rules of Hygiene. With the onset of the rainy season there is a high probability of the spread of Cholera outside Tanzania”,- said in the Department.

In this regard, rosturizm asks, tour operators and travel agencies, the tours in the country of the African continent, informs tourists about the existing danger of infection and on compliance with the measures for the prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases.
Help: According to the ProMED Stand 13.11.2015 G. in 31 countries of the world were more than 100 thousand cases of Cholera. The largest spread of the Cholera has in Haiti, in the countries of the African continent: Mozambique, Tanzania, democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya.