Rosturizm: the safety of tourists in the Crimea is not in danger

Rosturizm advises not to give up the Russians, their plans to vacation in the Crimea, because of the peaceful Situation in the Region and for the safety of tourists is not threatened.

“In the Crimea, now quiet, our competent authorities do their best to ensure that the safety of the swimmers. Tourists who were planning to spend your holiday in the Region, give in to your plans. I am convinced that the security guarantees at the highest level”, – said the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg sent Safonov, on holiday in the Crimea.

Earlier, the Federal security service said on the prevention of terrorist acts on the territory of the Peninsula prepared by the main Department of investigation of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine.

According to “Kommersant”, was adopted “to organize, at different points of the resort, a number of smaller-power-blasts, which do not lead to the death of people, and create panic among travelers, and, finally, “to Kill a tourist””.

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