Rosturizm proposes that tax relief for the stay in Russia

The Federal Agency for tourism (rosturizm) suggested, stimulate the Russians in your country rest with tax cuts, especially the social tax deduction. This is in the materials of the Department to the Tuesday, 5. January, Meeting, government, extracts from which leads TASS.

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13:53 25. August 2015

In Ростуризме believe that the inner journey to bring Russian economy is not less income than the foreign. In the tax code, changes, after which the taxpayer receives the right to a portion of the purchase price to the organization of leisure and tourist products. The same benefits Agency offers distribute to spouse of travellers and children up to 18 years.

At the same meeting on the development of the domestic tourism Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called for additional support to the right of the Russian airlines. According to him, in 2015, the popularity of internal flights increased dramatically, and the increase in air traffic amounted to more than 14 percent. “But the prices for fuel and lease payments, the cost of Bank loans continue to grow,” he stressed.

Materials on the subject

00:16 28 December 2015

According to the forecasts of the Ministry of culture, the inner stream of tourists this year can be up to 50 million people, about a third of the population of the country. A growing interest in Russia and to the foreign guests in the past year in the country, there were 20 million tourists from abroad.

In December 2015 the Ministry of culture already has proposed to return to the Russians, a part of the costs on the vouchers, but it went over the income tax at 13 percent, уплаченном when you buy a package holiday.

Experts suggest that in the year 2016, the Russian travelers mostly choose the resorts of Krasnodar Region, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Due to the weakening of the course ruble and the disruption of air transport with Turkey and Egypt, a large part of the Russians in search of new places for the holidays. In the year 2016, a growth of domestic tourism is about 30 percent.