Rosturizm proposes measures to support the local tourism industry

The Russian Newspaper

Rosturizm encourages tax relief for Spa Hotels in the off-season. In addition, only buildings can be exempt from tax, to the earth and assets in the first three years since the discovery.

This is in the materials of the Department Meeting-government, the cite news agencies. Also rosturizm offers to enter downshift bet regional and local taxes on the property of organizations and the land tax for Hotels.

According to the authorities, these measures are intended to stimulate the development of tourism in Russia and contribute to the vehicle registration number of the Fund of the Russian Resorts.

Among other things, measures to support the tourism industry — dissemination to agencies and companies of the hotel industry in the category of micro enterprises, the possibility of using the simplified System of the taxation on the basis of the patent.

Growth of tourist traffic will also contribute to the introduction of the social tax deductions for personal income tax on the amount of the payment of the services in the price of all package tours, vacation and travel within the country, including for socially disadvantaged groups of the population, of people with disabilities. There are in the system, measures to support the туротрасли and measures that contribute to the growth of Incoming tourism. So, in the Russian shopping centers prompted, the System of tax — free refund at the exit from the country of the value added tax (VAT) on purchases made by foreigners during leisure time.

This is to reduce the costs for the stay in Russia, can contribute to the reduction of import duties on aircraft, including the mean planned, not produced in Russia, and the tourist buses of foreign manufacture with engines of class Euro-5 and Euro-6, as well as the abolition of import duties on непроизводимые in the Russian Federation the cruise ships.

We will remind, earlier expressed forecasts, internal tourism in Russia for the year 2015, the 30-percent-growth is expected to continue and in 2016, the number of tourists to the local Resorts Russians potentially can grow 3-5 million people a year. This growth may be an additional cash inflow in the tourist industry in the amount of about 700 billion euros.

However, in office to understand that a Russian Resorts direct Substitution of a beach holiday in Egypt and Turkey is not yet possible. According to the authorities, firstly, it is due to the climatic peculiarities, secondly, in places with a mass beach holiday — Krasnodar Region, the Crimea, Sevastopol, Astrakhan and Rostov, Dagestan, Kalmykia, there is a lack of organized beach areas.