Rosturizm offers to enter preferred авиапервозки Russians in Sochi and on Кавминводы

SOCHI, 5. January. /TASS/. Rosturizm offers the possibility to give the Russians time in three years, to fly to cheap prices on the Russian Resorts, especially in Sochi and the Caucasian mineral waters. This is in the materials of the Department (TASS) Meeting-government.

Also, right favorite trip in the far East offers give the tourists, a place of recreation in the context of organized groups. It rosturizm offers to think about the practice, the subsidies for passenger transport for all categories of citizens in remote areas of the country, including Transbaikalia and the Altai Region.

For the growth of the inner travel rosturizm also numerous tour operators offer the state subsidies on the inner Charter Transport at the beginning and at the end of the season, when the most likely problems with the Download Resorts.

Also, the Agency requests to extend the practice of intermodal passenger transport, if the Transport of tourists to a place of recreation several modes of transport. For example, such a uniform ticket for the train, ferry and Bus for the transportation of tourists in the Crimea with the Russian mainland.

Resorts of the Russian Federation is still not completely replace beach holidays in Egypt and Turkey

Offer Russian Resorts direct Substitution of a beach holiday in Egypt and Turkey is still not possible, however, the tourist Cluster in Russia can offer Alternative forms of recreation, as it says in the materials of the Agency.

This conclusion was based on the results of the monitoring of the possibilities of import substitution in the field of tourism Ростуризмом together with the institutions of the Executive branch 85 of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to the authorities, firstly, it is due to the climatic peculiarities, secondly, in places with a mass beach holiday – Krasnodar Region, the Crimea, Sevastopol, Astrakhan and Rostov, Dagestan, Kalmykia, there is a lack of organized beach areas. In Ростуризме made it clear that the Krasnodar Region and the Crimea now are the most popular destinations of the summer beach holiday Russians in the country. But in the high season, Hotels edge uploaded by nearly 100% and can not accommodate all, during the process of the growth of the number of vacationers in the Crimea, slowed down the need for the tourism infrastructure, to modernize it.

Nevertheless, the subjects of the Russian Federation have sufficient possibilities for the organization of leisure-Russians in the country in the context of all types of tourism, in addition to year-round beach. For this to develop and popularize Alternative destinations, but also actively use the potential of tourism in the Low season, it is said in the materials of rostourism. Replacement beach vacation in the Off Season can be cultural-cognitive, active (including Ski) -, medical -, Wellness -, and Event-free time, as well as cruises and trailers, said the Ministry.

Taking into account the devaluation of the ruble, the setting of the flights to Egypt, a ban on the sale of tours in Turkey and other factors, the growth of demand on the tourism may cause about 3-5 million trips per year.

Rosturizm encourages tax relief for Spa Hotels in the off-season

The office suggests that for all the Russian facilities of the resort property tax relief in the off-season, but also free of new Hotels from taxes on land and real estate in the first three years since the discovery.

The office suggests that the downshift bet regional and local taxes on the property of organizations and the land tax for Hotels. These offerings are a series of measures intended to stimulate the development of tourism in Russia and contribute to the vehicle registration number of the Fund of the Russian Resorts, the faith which is in Ростуризме.

In addition, Ростуризме suggest you revert back to bet regional and local taxes on the property of organizations and the land tax for Hotels. Also, you need to distribute to travel agencies and companies in the hospitality industry, in the category of micro enterprises, the possibility of using the simplified System of the taxation on the basis of a patent, the faith which is in Ростуризме.

Growth of tourist traffic will also contribute to the introduction of the social tax deductions for personal income tax on the amount of the payment of the services in the price of all package tours, vacation and travel within the country, including for socially disadvantaged groups of the population, people with disabilities, safe in the Department.

For the increase in the number of tourists, after Russia, the most popular foreigners Russian shopping malls prompted, the System of tax – free refund at the exit from the country of the value added tax (VAT) on purchases made by foreigners during leisure time.

This is to reduce the costs for the stay in Russia, can contribute to the reduction of import duties on aircraft, including the mean planned, not produced in Russia, and the tourist buses of foreign manufacture with engines of class Euro-5 and Euro-6, as well as the abolition of import duties on непроизводимые in the Russian Federation cruise ship, the faith, the in Ростуризме.

As previously reported TASS, the head of the Department Oleg Safonov, rosturizm ready, отельерам administrative support for the output in new regions of the Russian Federation. It rosturizm can be “entry point for investments in the tourism industry,” said Safonov.

Tax breaks for the stay in Russia

Rosturizm also be asked to specify the mechanism of stimulation on the part of the employer the vacation of your employees and their families on the Russian Resorts. For this purpose can be used, the social tax deduction, the faith which is in Ростуризме.

The Agency provides the changes in the tax code, according to which in determining the amount of the tax base for the tax on the income of natural persons, the taxpayer has a right to a social tax deduction in the amount of in the tax period, for the services of the organization for tourism and leisure (tourism products), on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also in the sum, which by the taxpayer for the similar турпродукт his wife (husband) and (or) children up to the age of 18 years.

The list of services for the organization of tourism and recreation on a Person, and the sum of the annual social tax deduction can be determined by the government of the Russian Federation, or to be determined directly in the tax code, the faith which is in Ростуризме.