Rosturizm excluded from the register of the society of tour operators in the context of the Turkish economy

MOSCOW, 30. December. /TASS/. Rosturizm since 1. January will be excluded from the Federal Registry of companies to tour operators, in the context of the Turkish economy.

This is in the order of the authorities, the available TASS.

The decision was in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on measures for ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of Russians from criminal and other unlawful acts and on the application of special economic measures in relation to the Turkish Republic, as well as by the regulation of the government of the Russian Federation on approval of the list of the specific types of work, запрещаемых since 1. January for the execution of the organisations under the jurisdiction of Turkey, but also organizations, controlled citizens of Turkey and (or) organisations, which fall under the competence of the Turkey.

In particular, excluded from the registration process number of legal persons in the groups “Pegas”, “outbuildings” and “Coral travel”.

Only excluded from the registration process 19 legal entities: LLC “Ренейссанс property Management” GmbH “Аттида travel”, LLC “Pegasus-Tours”, Ltd “Pegasus Kazan”, LLC “Pegasus Ufa”, LLC “Pegasus Ekaterinburg”, LLC “Pegasus Krasnodar”, LLC “Pegasus Samara”, LLC “Pegasus – Kemerovo”, company “Pegasus perm”, LLC “Pegasus Retail”, the LLC “Pegasus Khabarovsk”, company “Pegasus Surgut”, the LLC “Анэкс regions,” company “Anex Tour, Moscow,” company “Бентур Moscow”, LLC “Pegas”, the company “Sanmar Tour” and OOO “Coral travel”.

In accordance with the Russian legislation, these entities will not be able to tourist activities in Russia, if not in the registry.

The head of the rostourism Oleg Safonov TASS said that this decision was made solely in accordance with the corresponding decree of the President and of the regulation of the government. The same applies to the protection of the interests of the tourists, he believes that “a company to analyze what is happening, and that all actions, which allow the Situation to no impact on consumers”.

The measures will not affect the tourists

The exclusion of a number of legal entities of the group “Pegas” the Federal registration, the tour operator has no influence on the tourists. About TASS said the General Director of travel company Anna Подгорная.

“The tourists is not compromised in any way, I can assure you,” she said, answering a corresponding question.

Подгорная stressed that “Pegas”, examines the reasons for the exclusion from the Registry of these legal persons and tried, then necessary measures. “It is possible, up to rostourism is not reached, some documents, if so, we will be extended,” said Подгорная.

Tour operators “Coral travel” and “Sanmar Tour” perform all the obligations before the tourists for contracts that were closed up to 1. January 2016, reports a press-service of the company “Coral travel”.

“In the context of the current Situation to inform that all obligations arising from before 1. January 2016 contracts will be fulfilled GmbH “Coral travel” and OOO “Sanmar Tour” in full,” it says in the message.

It is noticed that the companies deal with the question of the restoration of the registration of the tour operator.