Rosturizm: Brisco fulfilled its obligations to customers

The tour operator Brisco, of the suspension of the activities of the past week, met all obligations to customers in 2016, said Rosturism.

“The company decided to stop the activities of, 2. August due to the heavy financial losses last year, but a more organized process so that all of the tourists who returned from holidays at the time of the interruption of the work of the society, in accordance with their permits. Who should fly to the 2. August, were safe and paid-for trips. Disposals found on the 5. and 7. August”,- note in Department.

But some customers of the operator does not return the money for the frustrated trip from last year. Not to mention about the solution of this question in the Federal Agency steel.

Earlier in BRISCO explains that they do not give up the obligations assumed, and in the shortness of the time, the alternative ways of the fulfillment of the obligations to unusual tours in Egypt and Turkey at the expense of resources of other companies in the group TH&C.

In Ростуризме also noticed that on the Initiative of the government of the Russian Federation, legislation was introduced, the standard, the mandatory tour operators offer a return trip and a full package of documents no later than one day before the departure.

“The next step is to ensure that additional safeguards for tourists and is a further improvement of the sustainability of the tourism market, is the formation, starting next year, two funds in the framework of the Association “Turpomosch” – indemnification and personal liability of the tour operator. The first one will be used in the case, particularly if it is required to help in the tour planning, the in a difficult Situation. The second – in the case of the departure tour operators from the market for the payment of compensation to the customer,” – carry in the Agency for tourism.

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