“Pegas” urgent renewal of the contract with the agencies because of the exemptions from the registration


“Pegas” offers agencies to renew the contract on legal persons, with “Pegas” and not excluded from a single Register of tour operators, told “Газете.Ru” the representatives of the two Moscow travel Agency with the reference to the guidelines of the company. In the message it is stated that the implementation of the турпродуктов under the brand of Hotel booking and cheap to fly, you must have an Agency agreement with open company “Pegas MSK” (or a contract with the company “Pegasus”), and also the contract after the inner Tourismus GmbH “Pegas MSK”.

The tour operator once again stresses that “all the obligations before the tourists and the counterparty, which is located in full” despite exclusion from the Register”.

Earlier Federal Agency on tourism of the decision from 30. December N569-Ol-15 removed from a single part of Registry-travel agents engaged in activities, under the brand Pegas Touristik. The activities have continued and are currently about 11 companies, tour operators, financial security, and the number in the Register of tour operators”, the message “Pegas”.

Except for the operator stated that in rosturizm in the necessary term evidence for no participation of Turkish citizens or legal entities in the activities of the society.

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