PCT: several thousand people of Turkish Tour companies in the Russian Federation, the lose their Jobs

MOSCOW, 30. December. /TASS/. Because of the ban on the activities of the Turkish travel agencies in Russia work lose several thousand employees of these companies. About TASS reported today a press-the Secretary of the Russian Union of tourist industry (PCT), Irina tjurina.

She has been finding it difficult to answer, which is the number of the enterprises fall under this prohibition. “We are now, we find out precisely which company it is,” said Tjurin. “But now, I can only say – together with the regions in these companies with several thousand employees, of which 95% are Russians. You will now lose their Jobs”, she said.

Also, according to her, “in this company, there are sold by tours not only in Turkey and Egypt, but also in Russia”.

The Russian government has a list of the different types of work, запрещаемых with the 1. January 2016 for the execution of the organisations under the jurisdiction of Turkey, but also organizations, controlled citizens of Turkey and (or) organisations, which fall under the competence of the Turkey.

As reported in a press-service of the Cabinet, entered in this list are, in particular, activities of travel agencies and other organisations providing services in the field of tourism; the activities of the Hotels and other places for a temporary stay.