PCT reports on the panic in the tourist market

Russian travelers are concerned about the fate of the already-paid packages from an exception Ростуризмом Tour companies from the Registry operator, the with Turkish partners. About this Portal “Interfax-tourism”, said the spokesman of the Russian Union of tourism (PCT), Irina tjurina.

“Rosturizm well congratulated the Russians happy New year, by almost a panic on the tourist market. We call from different cities, who the fate of the paid vouchers and travel agencies, who do not know, that the answers are in the tour,” said Tjurin.

She added that in the PCT-call, the partners from the neighbouring countries. For example, in the Belarusian society, “the West wing” made it clear that regardless of the circumstances, the Russian tourists at the request of the excluded from the Register of tour operators. Turina stressed that rosturizm chose a very bad time for the introduction of a ban on the activities of companies with Turkish roots.

“It is unclear why it was necessary to make this decision, just 30. December, in the winter season, when tens of thousands of tourists fly or must fly in the vacation. Not to mention the fact that the exclusion of the operator of the Registry is not absolutely justified,” said a spokesman for the PCT.

In a conversation a “merchant” Tjurin noted that the tour operator, intending to protest the exemption from registration. “But we understand that the decision can’t be a relationship to the legal formalities, let’s see how the Situation will develop,” said a spokesman for the PCT.

Here, the Association of tour operators of Russia reminded that the following are excluded from the Registry of tour operators Coral Travel, “Pegas” and Sunmar tour, the plan, all of its obligations to meet before agencies and tourists.

Earlier, on 30. December, rosturizm excluded from the register a number of companies companies with Turkish partners. It is about 19 юрлицах, including corporate groups, “Pegas”, “outbuildings” and “Coral travel”. The decision, in force since 1. January 2016. It is usual, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on application of special economic measures in relation to Turkey and the determination of the government, which prohibits certain types of work organizations, controlled citizens of the Republic, and organisations under its jurisdiction.