Overwhelmed by the fire, “cocaine plane” came out on Video

In Mexico, Business Jet, which was presumably used to Transport drugs, lights up immediately after planting. What happens regularly on the Video records of the fire on “кокаиновом aircraft” published by “BBC”.

On the featured images in the network of the air vehicle, covered by the fire and развалившееся stamped on the part.

The incident occurred on a highway in the South of the country. According to the preliminary data, onboard the drugs were transported in the state of Quintana Roo in the vicinity discovered the truck with 390 kg of cocaine.

The causes of the fire are not mentioned on the ship.

On 3. In July, it was reported that the aircraft of the airline Ryanair, flying flight FR170 from Berlin to Athens, made an emergency landing in Thessaloniki because of a fire on Board. Aboard a burning aircraft, 157 people, including a child and six crew members.

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