On the Peninsula of Kamchatka in the beginning of the Ski season, which coincided with the commissioning of the first chairlift

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, 28. /Corr. TASS Elena Верещака/. Opening of the first chair lift of the cable car on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which coincided with the start of the new Ski season, which up to may 2016. The symbolic key leadership of the ski resort “mount Frosty” was the Governor of Kamchatka Vladimir iljuchin, reported to the 28. December, his press-service.

“We open the second page of life “Морозки”. Still a lot of work. Here you have to be built hotel complex, cafes, modern infrastructure, new ways. We will do everything to be on the Kamchatka Peninsula has the full Winter-Resort, quoted by the press service of the words of the Governor.

The cable car is the Slovak company “Татралифт”. The Assembly of the complex was designed by Russian specialists under the supervision of experts of the manufacturer. In the construction of the facility invested about 600 million rubles from the Federal and regional Budgets.

Chairlift from the carriage of 2,4 thousand persons in the hour. You lift the people to a height of up to 530 meters above the sea level. Length of track descent reached 1650 meters.

“In the perspective on the mountain Frosty, the slopes for skiing on the snowmobile and cross-country skiing. It is assumed that the Lift is working and in the summer, he will raise to the top of the for the later descent cyclists and for lovers of Hiking,” – said the Minister for Sport Kamchatka Andrey Ivanov.

It is expected that in 2016 the reconstruction of the Ski on the Peninsula of Kamchatka is continued. Construction of a second кресельную cable car on the Peninsula to start on the Basis of “Edelweiss” in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where is planned the construction of kanatno-lifts, roads, systems of artificial snow and lighting.

In the coming season on the Kamchatka Peninsula nine Ski: five in Petropawl, in Елизове, in Вилючинске, Esso and Palana. The value of a rise – from 70 Euro to 150 Euro.