On the Islands of Hvar and Solta luxury building Resorts

A tourist resort on the island of Hvar and the village Ливка on the island of Solta (Croatia) were in the list of tourist places that come in the foreseeable future, serious strategic investment. The Minister said the end of the last week of tourism of Croatia, Anton Климан.

According to him, the major projects for the construction of Resorts on the Islands of Hvar and Solta in the list of strategic investment projects are included. The Minister is convinced that, with the implementation of projects for the promotion of tourism in the regions of Split-Dalmatia.

The realization of both projects on the Islands cost about 280 million Euro.

In the framework of the project on Шолте plan to build a resort in the value of EUR 180 million. Among other things, a fishing village with several villas and Bungalows, as well as a five-star Hotel, a Marina with 160 berths and the beach.

In the project for the construction of the Resorts on the island of Hvar investments in the amount of approximately 100 million euros will be invested. It is a luxury Resort in the Bay in the vicinity of the old town. The complex includes villas, a five-star Hotel and 60 luxury.

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