Not very dead sea


The sea clutter, which is nice, Sol-Iletsk, on the basis of the composition of the water close to the dead sea. This summer, it is, as it seems, is close to world-class ski area and the number of tourists. All would be nothing if it was after the area of the collapse than a thousand times smaller than its middle East analogue. In the end, beaches, salt-Илецка today, the archive remember images of the Soviet of the Crimea: so closely, that many are. “The” well-versed with the Details.

The small town of Sol-Iletsk — a little more than 20 thousand inhabitants and is located in the Orenburg Region on the border with Kazakhstan. Therefore, the multi-national composition of the population, and a variety of temporary residence. And then there’s a Resort! However, the arrival of thousands of tourists, the face of the city changed: many streets still dust instead of Asphalt, the sidewalks are fragments, except that it’s super markets “pjaterotschki”, and some of the private houses were track sidings.

In these houses, and most of the tourists. Comfortable double room in a 15-minute walk from the beaches on the road (God forbid, rain!) costs about 2 thousand rubles per day. With a bathroom and a shared kitchen. The demand for housing is very high, so better book in advance. If the booking does not go through a special Service, the host can change at the last Moment your mind: “throw Us, and we throw!”

Anyway, in Sol-Iletsk lake is not only a, you a complex. The most famous — the collapse — applies as a dense, salty, covers an area of about 7 hectares. The water keeps the tourists in weightlessness and after the release of the skin with a saline solution armour, through which you can easily RUB before eating fresh cucumbers. However, in Sol-Iletsk on the beaches more often and eat water-melons and melons. It is traditionally бахчевой edge.

In the neighborhood with the collapse Дунино, Тузлучное and Hungry hopper среднесоленые mud the lakes. You don’t hold the body a bit in limbo, after the heat of the salt tank, with a slight hint remains, and directly from the shore, you can the mud. Some vacationers cover themselves completely, some only the problem areas. It is believed that dirt and mineral lakes have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, heals the joints and the skin, improves the reproductive ability.

There are still Large and Small, urban lake. The water of the salt content of the water is comparable with that of the Navy and of the local Standards is considered to be almost not sweet. They are mainly used for rinsing after the salt lakes, since showers is a big Problem here. It seems somewhere out there, but the water is ice-cold and, the main thing, to him, endless queue.

Queue everywhere. First — in the cashier. Yes, Yes, the entrance to the lakes at a surcharge! In August, it cost 100 euros during the week and 200 on the weekend. For children from 7 years to pay also. Passport with admission cards can be used only once.

A separate line on the inlet, already with Tickets. For a surcharge, visitors rooms, the relative purity, sun umbrellas, which are still not enough changing rooms and sanitary facilities, to which also the queue.

If you pay, you can get a Massage or visit the hydrochloric acid camera — tout talk about some of the lakes to the medical effect. There is an amusement Park, water slides, and батутами. Guests can enjoy their meals in the Café, whose product range largely monotonous: Pilau, samosas, pies, beer. If you want to, soups, and more European food, stand in the long queue. Coffee anywhere just Instant tea in bags.

The atmosphere is salt-илецкого far from the resort of Sanatorium relaxation, which is famous for the Dead sea. Here, loud music, and no less loud announcements on the Radio, Gypsy beggars, Disco night, and a very high density of travelers. You are basically come from the Region of perm, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Samara regions are not stable for the hot summer, water melon and busy atmosphere of the resort.

20 years ago the resort was quite different. Around the lakes there was no fence, cafes and music. But also holiday makers! The collapse was considered a dirty and непрестижным. Many people knew of him, but ignore it to go there. Now — is another matter.

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