Nikolai Korolev: “We strengthen the control over the implementation of the Federal programme”

In the framework of the Federal target program “development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation in the years 2011-2018” (FTP) on the market for 56 new tourism Cluster. Unfortunately, while the representatives of the tourism industry have little awareness of. Fix this gap, to tell Details and to tell about the plans of the development of domestic tourism in Russia, we asked the Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency, Nikolaus Queen sent.

– Federal program “development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation in the years 2011-2018” was already two-thirds of their work. How would you describe it between the results?

Federal program was approved by the decree of the government of the Russian Federation at the 2. In August 2011, and in the same year, we started its experimental introduction. The prospect of rich regions and begun to Fund pilot projects. Funds flowed solely on the basis of co-financing. The Region’s participation in the Federal program and receive Federal support, he must draw on 1 ruble of money the Federal government around 2.3 euros are financed from special funds.

In 2015, the second round began: to realize the successful experience of the pilot projects we began in other regions of Russia: the major tourist destination signed on to develop, where tourism. First of all, is the Golden Ring, necklace, Northern, North-West, the Great Volga, Altai, far East, Krasnodar Region, Ryazan, Kemerovo and Orenburg.

Summary of our six years of work – all of the a lot of regions promise in relation to tourism based. By the way, in the selection of projects takes into account their quality. Accordingly, the first stage of the pilot implementation of the program planned participation of six regions. Just already, to 43.

Due to the Federal and regional budget funds will be created, the infrastructure – supply lines (mains gas supply, heat supply, Sewerage, sewage disposal, sewage treatment plants, roads). The objects of the tourist infrastructure – Hotels, restaurants, leisure objects – investors to be built.

– What is the goal of the Federal program?

– The most important – the increase of the competitiveness of the tourism market in Russia. Because we work with the needs of the Russian and foreign tourists in the quality of tourism services, and have at it.

The Federal target program is the main Instrument today, which is an increase of the attractiveness of туротрасли as an object for private investment. FTP – unique in its kind: analog, based on such principles of co-financing in the Russian Federation, maybe not.

The main objectives of the programme – the development of tourist and recreational complex of the Russian Federation, the improvement of the quality of tourist services, training, creation of new jobs in the area of tourism and promoting the tourist products of the Russian Federation on the global and national markets.

We have a really lame training. How it decides this question in the framework of the Federal program? There are changes?

– Rosturizm the second year of the project will be implemented according to the improvement of professional skill of experts of tourist industry. In the framework of the project from the Federal budget in the year 2015, more than 5,000 people have been. In the current year, we have planned that 7,000 people to educate, but to date, more than 11 000 applications for the training.

Improvement of professional skill of experts of tourist industry is by highly qualified lecturers of educational institutions, leading to preparation of experts in sphere of tourism and hospitality.

The organization of educational process is structured in a way that the increase of the qualification was available to persons resident in various regions of the Russian Federation. For these courses are predominantly in the Remote mode, and the interested parties participate in full-time employment, as at the State University of Management and at the locations of the regional universities.

Concept and the entire complex of methodical supply of System for the education and training of professionals from the travel industry.

Created informational and educational portal for the implementation of the extensive programs of improvement of professional skill of experts of tourism industry in the Remote mode.

The aim of the project is the Association of efforts of bodies of Executive power in the field of tourism, the professional community and a leading educational company for training and as a result – improvement of the quality of the service.

– What are the experts of the Russian tourism industry, except for the operating staff of the Hotels?

Especially Manager турагентских and туроператорских companies, all of which communicates directly with the customer. One of the most important topics — training of security personnel. Questions of safety of tourists came today, in the first place. The ability to competently act in dangerous and crisis situations — the extremely important task. We are talking here not about the terrorist attacks, and, for example, via a simple fire protection budget can be a nuisance, with which the personnel must be ready at 100%.

In our program for the preparation of the employees of the security services, several issues. Including the rights and obligations of the experts, the safety of objects of the tourism infrastructure and the fight against terrorist threats, but also the rules of rendering of the first medical aid and fire protection. I think these issues have been neglected, but we make attempts to solve such tasks.

– How many experts rosturizm calculated to prepare the phase-in 2018?

By the year 2018, we plan to improve the competence of more than 55 000 people according to the programs in cooperation with leading universities and practitioners in the tourism industry.

A significant number of specialists succeed, but we hope to connect that to a project and Pilot playgrounds in the regions. Also consider the possibility of additional training in relation to their Budgets, to conclude contracts with the universities.

– What are the tourist Cluster can be successful and are ready to win the number of tourists growing inside?

– A clear leader, where the projects are in a high degree of readiness, areas of Tver and Yaroslavl Region, the Altai Region, as well as projects in Ryazan and Amur. Successfully develop, Kemerovo, and Orenburg.

Thanks to new projects and properties, the increases in the last 1-2 years, in these regions a number of times entry internal Threads. I think increase, in the next season, this number significantly.

In the number of the specific projects value of “Zavidovo” – to mention a beautiful complex located in the heart of Moscow on the banks Иваньковского reservoir, “Yaroslavl seaside” – the project, connected with the river. Russia – a country of rivers and lakes, and the water potential must be used more efficiently.

In General, positive examples, there are enough broadcasting “Насон-city”, Vologda Oblast, a Tourist-recreational Cluster of the Republic of Tuva, and others.

However, the Federal program “development of domestic tourism” is calculated up to 2018, and currently tourism and recreation Cluster not yet completed extrabudgetary sources, without Federal funding. On the results of the validity of the program, will speak after the end of the period.

The geographical coverage in the case of ftsp, it turns out, the large, the programme covers interesting in terms of the development of the inner tourism.

– What are the next plans of the Federal tourism Agency, sent in the framework of the Federal program?

– We went for a highlight of the program. Now the main goal – the completion and commissioning of the objects to build the started in 2012-2013. And we want to in large quantities to replicate the experience of successful projects. Now, in the context of the program, we build objects in 38 regions and 76 provision of infrastructure and the 154 the object of the tourist infrastructure already introduced. Currently, the exploitation of the artists of the budget and the main indicators of the programme.

You can tell the subjects of the Russian Federation in this period, the school, the training and the experience. We taught them to attract investment. Not to do and negative experiences on how to get to it. And now about 40 volunteers ready to FTP.
Now you take the Initiative: “We have learned! You Can Find Investors. Let’s do this!”

Also in case of problematic issues – task of the investors to fulfill their obligations to the program to configure. Of course, not immediately and not fast on an empty part of a 5-star Hotel appears. And a big Cluster is built, not less than 4-5 years. So we look at things realistically. But the years 2016-2018 of the time are clearly the increased control over the implementation of the Federal program.

I can point out that the tourist flows and the demand for recreation in Russia grow. Here is influenced by many factors. And the exchange rate, and the un-measures and the closure of a number of foreign destinations. But we see that the interest of tourists raised to the recovery in Russia. No wonder, then, that the Prime Minister-the Minister have in the social and economic programme of the paragraph on the support of domestic tourism.

We do not conclude that the work of the Federal renew program, and after 2018. And if there is a lot of interesting projects, maybe we can come up with a proposal at the beginning of a new target programs.

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