New year’s eve Party in the Hotel Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

Party with DJ Diesel (Shaq). You can visit a memorable new year’s eve Party and celebrate the year 2016 in the society, four-time Champion of the NBA Шакила O’neill, the two nights in a row to ignite the dance floor, under the Pseudonym of DJ Diesel. Tickets are available at the Hotel.

30. December, Night Club Oro

From 23:00 PM, to entertain guests is José Santos, and then the visitors waiting for special screenings of Шакила O’neill

Standard Ticket: $50.

Wi-Fi-Bar: $80.

Resort credit is not valid for this offer.

31. December, Hall Fillmore

New year’s eve Party starts at 22:00 with incendiary performances of the Teams Batukealo.

23:30 PM wait the guests with a special DJ Set by Шакила O’neill.

Admission is free for guests, $150 for the other guests.