Named best hotel in Russia

Apartment “Мерецкова” in Veliky Novgorod recognized best place for the accommodation of the traveller according to the Version of the Internet-booking of Hotels About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the press-service of the service.

In the creation of the ranking experts based on the opinions of travellers from around the world, who were in different Hotels. Average ratings of the users of Apartments in Velikiy Novgorod fraud 9,85 out of 10.

In three of the best also belonged to the Petersburg “Art suites” (on average, users rated them to 9.8 points) and Apartments, the “Prussian” from Veliky Novgorod (9,76 points). The best Moscow location for a stopover travelling steel-suites “Balmont Mayakovskaya” (usually the ranking of they pitched on the sixth place, in the average, they are rated on 9,74 points).

In the list of also got the Mini-Hotels, guesthouses in Suzdal, Russia, Sochi, Pushkin and other cities. According to the research, the in the assessment of the tourists pay attention to the price, the location and the pictures of the rooms.

Experts point out that the Russian tourists, according to a survey, in the year 2016 prefer to live in Apartments or Resort houses, and the foreigners intending to preferred Hotels. “60 percent of the respondents are willing to stay to spend in a totally new place for themselves, whether a boat or a tree house. At the same time, only 46 percent of foreigners want something extraordinary”, — explained in a press-service.

Previously 25. December, it was reported that Moscow, St. Petersburg and Simferopol steel the most popular tourist destinations among Russians in the year 2015.