My vacation, where I want to go and eat!

The Tagesspiegel

The Russians were the self — employed- if not a selfish traveller. These are the data of the study by the search engine Momondo. 85% of our holiday makers personally decide where to go, and not listen to anyone, even a soul mate, not to mention, friends or parents.

For comparison, 63% of Spaniards (and a survey carried out in several countries) full confidence in the selection of a resort woman or man.

The Russian result looks unexpected to say directly. Although…, “independent” is the solution to many tourists — such as in advertising: “I said to my mother, then to my mother”?

For the New year, the largest Website for travelers, also a survey. At 44 by thousands of tourists from various countries, including from Russia, asked with whom they are going to have to go on holiday in 2016.

So, 39% of our countrymen have declared that they intend to travel alone. And many are willing to take the risk and for the first time holiday without family and friends. And if you look at the results of the study around the world, the prospects, for the first time a holiday alone tap and only 17 per cent.

Three quarters of the Russians, according to Tripadvisor, in the coming year to be traveling, do not relax and do not tan in the first place, and new impressions. In the world, try new routes and exotic entertainment are 69% of the travellers. The other prefers best Resorts and your favorite city.