More than 51 billion rubles invested in the modernization of the tourist infrastructure with the start of the Federal program

SOCHI, 5. January. /TASS/. With the beginning of the implementation of the Federal target program for the development of tourism (2011) in the modernisation and construction of tourist infrastructure is investing more than 51 billion euros. Active participation in the program in the year 2015, 26 regions, 17 of the subjects of the Russian Federation, intending to make a connection, reported at the 5. January the head of the Federal Agency for tourism Oleg Safonov.

“The Federal program created on the principles of public-private partnership, about three euros for each Budget rouble. In fact, already has been invested 14.3 billion euros, with this money invested in the technical infrastructure and the private investments on the creation of the direct objects, which allow туридустрии to earn money. Already more than 51 billion rubles invested in these 26 regions,” he said at a meeting questions of development of domestic tourism.

According to his words, the needs of subjects in further investments in the tourism infrastructure in 35 billion euros.

For the development of the domestic tourism Agency offering the support of the modernization is not yet used to the sights, but also an informative program on attraction in the regions of the new турпотоков, including from abroad.