Medvedev leads in Sochi meeting on the inner tourism

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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev leads in Sochi meeting on the internal tourism.

“In Sochi we will spend the conference devoted to the inner tourism”, said Medvedev previously to journalists, and added that he is planning a trip to Sochi on the slopes, in the Christmas holidays.

As the press-service of the Russian government, participating in the session курирующая tourism Vice-Premier Olga golodets, culture Minister Vladimir Medinski (tourism refers to the extent of the liability) and the head of the подведомственному him rostourism Oleg Safonov, the Minister of transport, Maxim Sokolov, as well as the Federal Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, the representative of the President in the southern district of Wladimir Ustinow, head of the Krasnodar Region Benjamin Kondratyev, head of the competent ministries and representatives of the tourism industry.

The efforts for the development of tourism

In 2015, the authorities conducted the work on development of inner and Incoming tourism, the promotion of Russian tourist products on national and international markets, to the safety and protection of the rights of the Russian tourists abroad.

In the framework of the Federal program “development of inner and Incoming tourism (2011-2018)” in 2011-2015 years, more than 152 objects provides the infrastructure in 36 clusters in 28 regions of Russia, while 45 have already been put into operation. Overall, the program in the year 2015 have been allocated 4 billion Federal rubles.

Began with the formation of Pula routes and the development of new national trails on the Federal level, including the “Silver necklace of Russia”, “Russian manor”, “East Ring” and other projects, including jointly with China. Supported the development of new types of tourism, including industry -, Polar -, military-Patriotic. Particularly important is the increase of quality and the creation of competitive Russian tourist products. For this year 2015 Russian tour operators, which previously only in the field of Outbound tourism, moved, and on the inner direction by Batch tours.

For the promotion of the tourist potential of Russia abroad and within the country was formed, the national Marketing Center “Visit Germany / time entertained in Russia”.

Previously had the head of the rostourism explains that Russia, the enormous Potential of import substitution in the inner and Incoming tourism, you will learn how to correctly and effectively use.

According to the estimations of experts, already after the end of the summer season 2015 goals, it became clear that the reduction of the share of Outbound tourism on the Russian market amounts to 30-40%. Experts predicted a growth of the inner турпотоков at the level of 30%. These and other projections through the end of the year almost came true, although with small statistical errors.

In addition, according to the Russian Union of tourism, in January-September 2015 Russia with the tourist destinations visited by around 2,54 million foreigners, 13% more than in 2014.

Price for the stay

The weakened ruble, the events in Turkey and Egypt have forced the Russians to have a closer look on the rest on the local Resorts and gave Russian industry a good opportunity greatly to improve their Situation. However, after observing some experts, price-to-performance ratio holiday in Germany leaves much to be desired. In addition, according to the forecasts of analysts, the value of the services may in the year of 2016, to grow to one-third.

This is the majority of the Russian regions, the waiting, the influx of tourists who do not boast, neither well-developed tourist infrastructure, the quality of the service. According to the Association of tour operators of Russia, the most important tourist regions of Krasnodar and the Crimea — in anticipation of the influx of tourists prepared to increase the prices on 30%.

“It can be very bad for the season,” warned the managing Director of the Association of Maya Lomidze. To do this, on the heels of Russian Resorts come less promoted foreign destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam and China. The demand for them is modest, especially due to large distances and, as a result of the high cost of plane tickets. However, the continued weakening of the currencies of the emerging countries to iron out this negative.

If the prices for tourist services in the Krasnodar Region and in the Crimea will rise by an average of 15%, then it will market to a Stagnation or decline of interest in him, say the experts. A similar picture existed in the year 2015 in Anapa (Krasnodar Region): if, after the notification of the year 2014 and waiting for a repetition of the success the owner of accommodations in advance to increase prices in 2015, and this Resort received unexpectedly weak demand.

The second Option, the conservation or the small increase of the prices in comparison to the outgoing year an additional impulse to give attraction to the inner турпотоков and attaching the success of the black sea Resorts.

Here the positive role it can play another Trend in the Russian tourism only in the year 2015 — the overflow of the independent traveler to Russia, in the ranks of the organised tourists. Experts estimate that up in the last time in the Segment of domestic tourism, 80% were the “wild”, not the services of travel agencies, but also here there was a break.

The work on recognition and popularity

Sochi mayor Anatoly Pachomow is of the opinion that the increase in the popularity of the place in постолимпийский year directly connected with the fact that the organization of the Rest here began the professionals who deliver in Sochi organized tourists.

The head of the Association of tour operators agree that the surge of interest in Sochi and the Crimea by the occurrence on this market of the big tour operators. “For the first time Charter flights in the Crimea, Charter trains in the Krasnodar Region and Sochi, massive Bus Transport in the Big Sochi to the set of objects to the Olympic games. That reduces the mid-price Segment of the organized tourism on 25%, thanks to the work of the tour operator. This led to перетоку from the self-tourism organized”, explained the expert.

But the trend of this river, next to the main capital cities and seaside resorts, which are practically not available for the other regions of Russia. In many ways, this is the fault of the low prices and the weak infrastructure, the hotel industry, but there is still a weak spot whose elimination can be a positive Trend in 2016. Not only Stand-alone-travellers, but also among the professionals of tourist companies complain about the lack of available and detailed information about Russia. One of the tasks in 2016 should the study, systematization, dissemination and popularization of the information in connection with travel to Russia — and not only in German, but in English and Chinese.