Medvedev in Sochi the meeting on questions of development of domestic tourism

SOCHI, 5. January. /TASS/. The Prime Minister-the Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday will be the meeting on questions of development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation. About the plans, meet journalists at the end of December, it was reported that the head of the government. “In Sochi on the 5th. January we do the meeting is devoted to internal tourism,” he said.

As it says in the materials a press-service of the government, the participants will discuss the Situation on the domestic tourist market, the issues of transport accessibility of the Resorts and tourist facilities in Russia, as well as the Import Substitution in the field of tourism.

In the event the Vice-Premier Olga golodets, the Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the southern district of Wladimir Ustinow in a North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, Minister of culture, Vladimir Medinski, the Minister of transport, Maxim Sokolov, the head of the Federal Agency for tourism Oleg Safonov, head of the Krasnodar Region Benjamin Kondratyev, head of the competent ministries of the entities of the Federation, the representatives of the tourism industry.

Investments in the tourism

In a press-service of the government reminded that in the framework of the Federal target program “development of the inlandtourismus in the Russian Federation” in 2011-2015 years with the construction of more than 152 objects provides the infrastructure in 36 tourist clusters in 28 regions of Russia. In this 45 have already been put into operation, 21 the object is in the process of consultation to start-up, and, still 86 are located in the building.

Only the implementation of the measures of the programme for the year 2015 was 4,05 billion rubles from the Federal budget. On each rouble selection of the Federal budget accounts for on average 3 rubles for impairment of investments.

In addition, the creation of Uniform Federal Registry of tour operator, including by the Portal of state and municipal services. From December 2015 in this Newsletter, resource registered more than 4 thousand tour operators. However, the number of tour operators national and international Incoming tourism in comparison with the year 2014 increased to 540 and is 3291 company.

Uniform Federal Register of tour operators. Dossier

New Routes

In a part of the development of the network of the tourist routes started to the formation of Pula routes and the development of new national trails on the Federal level, including the “Silver necklace of Russia”, “Russian manor”, “East Ring” and other projects, including jointly with China.

Supported the development of new types of tourism: industry (development of tourist routes with the administration of Nizhny Tagil, leadership “Uralvagonzavod”), Polar (working group with representatives of the Russian geographical society, the Association of the polar and the National tourism Union), Event (support Ростуризмом in the year 2015, in a variety of activities in Yaroslavl, Murmansk, Tverskaya street, Sverdlovsk areas, republics of Karelia, Tatarstan, Crimea, etc), the military-Patriotic (all-Russian Patriotic program “road of victory”, the Russian historical and Patriotic action “of a number of memory”).

In the framework of the signed four-party agreement on cooperation between Ростуризмом, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and Россотрудничеством a working group for the development of medical tourism. Agreement on the cooperation for the development of the medical tourism reached with representatives of the tour operator.

In the year 2015 Russian tour operators, which previously only in the field of Outbound tourism, moved, including, and on the inner direction by Batch tours. In particular, in 2015, created and implemented more than 600 thousand such tours, their value accommodation, meals, Transfers. The corresponding programs in the past year, in the Crimea, Sochi, Anapa, LOCA. In the future, it is planned to disseminate this practice to other regions.

Time to entertain in Russia

For the implementation of the strategy for the promotion of the tourist potential of Russia abroad and at home generated national Marketing Center “Visit Germanytime entertained in Russia”. Under the auspices of the centre open is the network of national tourist offices Visit Germany in Finland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, and Italy, the off-site Trials of press-tours for the most important tour operators and media.

To the promotion of the internal Russian tourist products in trial run national tourist Portal The basis of the contents of the portal are the tourist objects in Russia, which is currently агрегировано already more than 12 thousand – that is the attractions, historic sites, monuments, objects of cultural heritage and others.

The web site is integrated with the Portal culture.of the Russian Federation and In brief, an Integration with and in addition to the regional tourist portals. The content of the Website is translated into 8 languages of the world.