Liner Philippine лоукостера was particularly due to a birth Board

The plane Budget of the Philippine airline Cebu Pacific was particularly active in the city of Hyderabad in southern India due to premature birth on Board. About it it is reported on the Website of the airline.

The girl was born in the cabin, on the way from Dubai in the Philippine capital of Manila on Sunday, 14. August. It was four hours after the Start. To be born, a child helped flight attendants and two passenger, the as nurses.

The Baby name Haven (Haven). The management of Cebu Pacific newborn Million gave free points for flights with the airline.

A similar case occurred on may 17. July on Board the aircraft, the idiosyncratic from Khabarovsk to Phuket. The Russian woman gave birth to during the flight, came to her aid, in the ship of the line student of the medical University.

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