Italy: Pure where to condemn

Italian smokers from now on, you must be careful. The Parliament adopted a law, according to which the owner of the outcasts urn stub is thrown to a fine of 300 Euro.
But the Smoking law is not limited. The punishment is waiting and other uncultured citizens. In particular, for выплюнутую urn gum to shell out 30 euros. Who threw you on the street, coffee-mug, to be punished already on 150.
A new Initiative is part of the “green” laws developed in order to be active in the fight against the dirty streets.
So, according to the law, on the streets and Parks in Italy must be made enough ashtrays and urns.
It is planned that the largest part of the money from penalties goes to the extension of the existing велопарковок and мусоросборочной infrastructure.