Israel hopes on tourists from Russia

In the Ministry of tourism in Israel see the great potential of increasing the flow of tourists from Russia.

“Russia remains for Israel a priority, and scores second place for the tourism Stream among all countries of the world. In 2014, Israel visited more than 555 thousand Russian tourists, which corresponds to 17% of Incoming tourism Thread. 44% of Russians come to the country again,” said the Director General of the Ministry of tourism of Israel Mr. Amir Halevi at the press conference in the framework of the days of the “days of Tel Aviv” in Moscow.

Mr. Halevi stressed that currently within the country there are 3 priority tourist destinations: Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean sea, Eilat on the Red sea and the dead sea, and also that in the tourist areas in the Hotels is the System “all Inclusive”.

“This month, we have signed contracts with tour operators for Charter flights to Ovda, near Eilat and the dead sea. Towards the end of December, the number of flights by up to 10 per week. One and a half years, it is planned, the airport to close Ovda and an airport in Eilat, and instead open a new international airport to Ramon in the Timna Park, which is located only 20 minutes drive from Eilat and 1.5 hours from the dead sea,” he added.

In turn, the Director for tourism of the municipality of Tel Aviv Isaac Mizrahi stressed that in Israel, there is the possibility, not only expensive, but also for Low-Budget holiday.

“In Tel Aviv takes about 60 events per day,” he said.

Isaac Mizrahi added that Tel Aviv – the beautiful city for families, because here 300 days of sunshine a year, and many Russian-speaking employees who help with the tour feel like home.