Israel decided to bring the Russians on tours $350

December 28, 2015 AVIADO.RU — On the proposal of the Israeli Ministry of tourism travel agencies of the country have developed special offers for the Russians, who are forced to refrain from traveling to Turkey and Egypt. Among them, tours for 3-4 days, which will cost $350.

Due to the sharp decline in tourist flow from Russia to Turkey and Egypt, the Ministry of tourism of Israel has instructed market participants to prepare a range of attractive offers for the Russians. In particular, the market will be tours for 3-4 days in Israel, which will cost the Russian tourists in $350.

“Given the special geopolitical situation that created new opportunities to increase the tourist flow from Russia, Minister of tourism Yariv Levin ordered the creation of conditions for Russian tour operators and airlines, are currently on leave from Turkey and Egypt” — quoted by TASS press Secretary of the tourism Ministry of Israel, Lydia Weitzman.

The tour operators were instructed to build packages worth $350 in 3-4 days. About ten turoperatov coped with the task,” she added. Weizman explained that traditionally the cost of holidays in Israel are higher than those of competitors in neighbouring countries.

In addition to these tours, according to the President, representatives of the Ministry in Jerusalem, tel Aviv and near the Dead sea, “has produced a variety of special offers and discounts for Russian tourists, including free tours and discounts for attractions and restaurants,” said Israeli tourist office.

According to RBC, because of the ban on Charter flights to Turkey tour operators have revised the sentence structure — now in the winter they offer tourists to travel to India, Israel and Vietnam, and in the summer in Sochi, the Crimea and Greece.

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations of mass tourism for Russians. According to ATOR, Turkey accounted for 25% of the Russian outbound tourist flow. However prohibited in early November, Egypt (3 million Russian tourists in 2014) tourism industry lost direction, providing 40% of outbound tourist flow of Russian tourists.

The Israeli government first announced measures to stimulate the tourist flow from Russia. In April 2015, the Ministry of tourism of Israel announced the program of support of Russian tour operators and airlines that will take tourists to the city of Eilat, and Ovda airport. For each delivered in Eilat passenger from October 2015 to April 2016 legal entity will be able to receive compensation in the amount of €45, while a single company can receive up to €1 million, However, another limitation for the specified period the company must achieve a minimum of 16 flights to MIA and back.

Then in April, the head of Department of the Ministry of tourism of Israel in Russia and the CIS Ksenia Kobyakov said that Israeli hotels are preparing special discounts to Russian tourists. According to her, some Israeli hotels dot had already provided the discount the Russians on the average on 10%.

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