Israel came on the market, with the ability City Break an Unforgettable Jerusalem”

Israel offers tourists a special tourist package City Break is an Unforgettable Jerusalem”. At the time of booking this product tourists you will get additional options in the value of 150 Euro.

According to the Ministry of tourism in Israel, included in the package is a free walking Tour through Jerusalem, in English, on Tuesdays (prior reservation required, because the group is formed by 6 people); free admission on светомузыкальное Show at the tower of David in the old city; travel guide to Jerusalem, in the Russian language.

As part of the package also special discounts: up to 50% in museums, and sights of the city, bonuses of up to 20% on tours through Jerusalem federbüschen and up to 15% in the Restaurants and Bars of the city. For a booking of minimum 4 nights, free dinner for two persons.

For more benefits do not apply to the days of the Jewish holidays and Christmas.