Industrial law: offers and controversy

In the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation 17. December took place the meeting of the Committee for entrepreneurship in the field of tourist activities and the Commission of RSPP for the tourism and hospitality industry, in the course of which the experts discussed about the improvement of the sectoral account.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Federation enterprises in the field of tourism, resort and recreation and Hospitality activities, Vice-President of the PCT Yuri Барзыкин emphasized, that in the bill to take account of modern conditions of the market and to a compromise on a number of controversial provisions.

In particular, companies and insurers do not support inflated insurance rates for tour operators.

The “Russian Union of insurers is for the exception of the branch of the law, the regulations on the compulsory civil liability insurance of tour operator, or a substitute on volunteers. Also, we are against the increase of the volume of this responsibility, the necessary in the bill”,- said the General Director of the insurance company ERV Andrey Turin.

At the present time because of the increasing risks, many insurance companies refuse to work with турбизнесом. According to the experts, the staff-Foundation for the liability of the tour operator could be a substitute фингарантиям.

Also, the concern of the economy caused the rename of the Fund “Турпомощи” in Reserve, as if at the same time, not be made appropriate changes in the tax code, the Foundation may lose the tax concessions.

According to Yury Барзыкина, in the light of recent events this fall, in which the invoice need to the regulations that are filmed with the tour operator the full responsibility in case of not depend on you circumstances, such as the prohibition of government on the visit to a country.

Also, it is proposed, the delineation of risks in the area of interaction of tour operator, travel Agency, tour operator, carrier.

“You need to diversify risks, the distribution of responsibility in the functionality”,- Yury Барзыкин.

We will also remember that the PCT, in collaboration with the Association “Union of agencies” (a HUNDRED) have the Initiative and preparation of the offers, the new law on tourism. In the context of a press conference, organized by the TRN Group, the Chairman of the Commission for the improvement of relationships in the tourist activities one HUNDRED Dimitri Frost announced, some of the discussed proposals.

“Турагентская activity now also in a crisis, we will examine the various options that could help in this Situation. For example, there is a wonderful tool, such as a Patent, the individual entrepreneur, which gives substantial tax relief. Applicable is this System primarily on the микробизнесу, but many travel agents now just consist of 1-2 persons. The choice of the system of taxation for travel agencies could be a big help”,- said Dmitry Morozov.

According to his words, the results of the year 2014 have shown that the travel agencies and tourists in the choice of the operators started to prefer companies that are in the major tourist establishments, with their own Hotels and airlines.

“Perhaps it makes sense to stimulate the increase of such establishments in the Russian Federation”,- said Dmitry Morozov.

According to the order of the President of the Russian Federation, the industry invoice must be willing to 1. In March of 2016. However, according to Yury Барзыкина, because the process of refinement of the document is delayed, these deadlines, likely to be moved.
According to experts, on the preparation of the new law and its acceptance, you will need at least 2-3 years, but it is likely that the process will go faster in the case of the active measures on the part of the organs of state power and the support of the economy.