Industrial law does not meet the challenges of the time

On the eve, at 17. December at a joint press conference of the Russian Union of tourism (PCT) and the Association of “Union of travel agencies” (HUNDRED) on the topic of “Tourism legislation. Challenges and perspectives”, organized by the Portal TRN, and the Agency for Marketing communications PR2Point and in the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, the prospects and the need for improving the sectoral legislation.

The speakers at the event – the Chairman of Committee of the Russian Federation enterprises in the field of tourism, resort and recreation and Hospitality activities, Vice-President of the PCT Yuri Барзыкин and the Chairman of the Commission for the improvement of relationships in the tourist activities one HUNDRED Dimitri Frost shared their Vision of the Situation on the market and tells about the preparation of new proposals for improving the sectoral legislation.

The experts agree that the existing Version of the industry bill is not equal to the challenges of the time and is in urgent need of revision.

“The Situation has changed, not the old mechanisms to new challenges. In the law it is necessary to take into account the lessons from this fall season. The operator can not be held liable if they do not depend on you circumstances. Otherwise, this will lead to new bankruptcies that at the end of meet the tourists”,- Yury Барзыкин.

According to the order of the President of the Russian Federation, the industry invoice must be willing to 1. In March of 2016. However, according to Yury Барзыкина, because the process of refinement of the document is delayed, these deadlines, likely to be moved. Although it’s been four months with the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of state in Yalta, most of the tasks that the President has not yet been completed, he added.

  PCT, together with the Association “Union of agencies” (a HUNDRED) have the Initiative and preparation of the offers, the new law on tourism , in order for the Situation to avoid that with the tightening of the coordination of the document and in view of the modern Business reality.

“The amendments to the existing bill were on the Basis of the crisis of the summer of 2014 and do not consider the events with which we are confronted, in the last autumn. Also, now is the great attention given to the inner and въездному tourism, and the act of focusing the regulation of the Outbound market. In particular in the inner Segment is not regulated properly, the following directions: Spa-Resort rest and treatment, youth and children’s tourism. Not solved is the development of lake -, river -, railway-tourism in the Russian Federation. Also, in the act, it is necessary to clearly adjust the distribution of responsibility between the market participants. The work on the collection of the proposals in the new law is already underway, we invite you to participate,” said Dimitri Frost.

According to experts, on the preparation of the new law and its acceptance, you will need at least 2-3 years, but it is likely that this process will go faster, in the case of the active measures on the part of the organs of state power and the support of the economy.

Yuri Барзыкин also brought some results of year. So, the number of tourists on a market by 40-50%, and in the inner rose by 30%. The number of operators on a market that was up to 650, and in the Segment of domestic tourism, the number of companies increased by 25%.

Read more about the offers to a certain account you will read in the next publications TRN.