In Yaroslavl the Museum of contemporary art

Since the 3. January 2016 will be for visitors to the Museum of modern art in Yaroslavl. It is located in the former Villa of the well-known Yaroslavl surgeon Nikolai Bibikova, author of the poetic process “Lay”. The building, built in the style of the romantic art Nouveau style, with pointed arches and Gothic Windows, in the year 1870.

In the first exhibition, which takes in the Museum of the Russian Academy of fine arts, to participate, the most important representatives of modern art in Russia, including Zurab Tsereteli, Yuri Аввакумов, Boris bielski, Vyacheslav Колейчук, Kirill Alexandrov, Eugene Semenov, Dmitry Shahin, Sergey magicians, Ivan Kolesnikov and Sergey Denisov.

Exposure time is so constructed that the works were in contact with each other, creating new meanings and form a single statement.