In the Sverdlovsk Region developed, the Route through the sacred sites of the Urals city of Werchoturje


Today, many people are interested in travel, you can commit with the entire family on the routes of the day. Such routes, “Werchoturje — the spiritual centre of Ural mountains”, presented the new map-guide for individual travellers. He is interesting for the pilgrims, but also for tourists who are interested in the history of Russia.

With the help of this card, the tourists in planning of own Route of the day, you can explore the places of cultural objects and Orthodox sanctuaries Верхотурского of the district. The Route extension of about 750 km from Ekaterinburg and back, for two days and goes through the city Werchoturje, village Krasnogorsky, morning, Roaring and Меркушино.


Werchoturje — center of Orthodoxy in the Urals and one of the oldest cities of Russia beyond the Ural mountains leads its story with 1597 year it is 125 years older than Yekaterinburg.

Werchoturje was the fortress on the way to Siberia. In the year 1600 this is already a habit, through which went all the Siberian, including the important basis for the welfare of the country — the sold abroad fur-bearing animals. The assessment of the importance of the city and the location of income, the king is forbidden to build other roads from Siberia to the capital, except by the Werchoturje.

Start the acquaintance with the historical heritage of the Ural mountains is recommended, with the visit of the ensemble Верхотурского Kremlin and Верхотурского state historical-architectural Museum.

Верхотурский the Kremlin known as the smallest stone of the Kremlin in Russia (with sizes in relation to the 125×194 m), as well as one of the boys — the last stone-Kremlin building in Russia was completed half a century later, in the town of Tobolsk (the easternmost of the Kremlin in Russia).

The Kremlin-buildings in Werchoturje differed deeply crafted Position and power. So, corner towers with шатровыми, high above the 25-metre cliffs, awarded to the city by the side of the river tours form an impregnable fortress.

Верхотурский state historical-architectural Museum-Reserve is in Верхотурский the Kremlin and includes a five monuments of architecture and urban planning: the Trinity Cathedral (1703-1710 gg); the home regulator (1801); Приказные chamber (1825-1830 years); the County Treasury (1913); Scores in the barns (1703, rebuilt in the years 1913-1914)

St. Nicholas monastery with the most important temple — Крестовоздвиженским the Cathedral, which, since 1992, collects the relics of the Holy righteous Simeon Верхотурского (Меркушинского), the patron Saint of the Urals. Edelmann after the birth, he left everything and settled in the Siberian wilderness in complete poverty. Stitched peasant coats by the for their work, only food and accommodation. In the discussions to enlighten the locals, arranging for him to get distortion-free superstition, notions of God and the Orthodox faith to be taught the piety of converts вогуличей and other foreigners. The festivities in honor of Simeon Верхотурского in the year three — 24-25 of may in honor of the second finding of the relics in the year 1992, 24-25 September, in the honor of the first transmission 1704, and 30-31. December — in honor of the classification of the Russian Orthodox Church, beatified in 1694.

St. Basil’s monastery — the first Russian monastery in the Urals, founded in 1621, the first Bishop of the Siberian Cyprian. In July 1914 during the pilgrimage journey in the monastery was Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. In the monastery you can worship the miraculous icon of the mother of God “Tenderness”. Also here rest the relics of Cosmas Верхотурского — Ural fools, the saints of the Russian Church, an employee of Simeon Верхотурского.

The Church of vivifying source” icon of the mother of God in the settlement of aktay in the near Werchoturje broken, in the Hermitage de Nuestra Señora Oktay, known revered source. The source in our days, usually water from him обмываются in whole or in casting the head from the bucket. Entrance here is free, but there is often a line here come from everywhere.

The Church image of Christ of Edessa in the village of Krasnogorsky, is located 25 km from Werchoturje broken on the way in the direction of the village Меркушино. The village Krasnogorsky — one of the oldest in the Urals, and Russian settlements. Based on the high picturesque place the pioneers of Siberia — the Cossack Ataman Yermak Timofejewitsch. The temple stood in the centre of the village, on a hill, near the banks of the river tours. One of the most important Holy relics was the Symbol of our Saviour, now lost.

Monastery of the Holy Косьминская deserts in the village kostyleva is based on the place where before the Revolution there was a chapel. This is the place with Космой Верхотурским. The tradition credits him with participation in the Transmission 12. September 1704 relics of Simeon Верхотурского from the village Меркушино in Верхотурский monastery and talks about the next miracle. The blessed Cosmas, изнемогший from the walk, since the childhood suffered from the disease too, prayed for the Holy: “brother Simeon, Los, Los!”. And as long as увечный rested for a Shrine with the relics no one could not stir.

In this place, where was the procession, was built a chapel, in the years of Soviet power achieved the destruction. In 2007, the Holy Synod chaired by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexij II has the decision on opening in the village tomorrow, monastery of the Holy Косьминская deserts. Now in the daily Church services is involved, only the brothers of the monastery, the free access to the interior is not.

32 km from Werchoturje broken, in the role, is located the temple in honor of All the saints in the Siberian earth shines

Here, in the solitude and the silence, the Holy Simeon loved long to pray, and to fish. Stone on the shore tours was a popular meeting place for the patron Saint of the earth. Pure, sincere prayers of the saints, God’s consecrated is the spot: the here whether stops the time, умиротворяется soul. After the glorification of the righteous at the shore was the chapel, then Gedenkkreuz built.

Holy Симеоновское yard new-Tikhvin monastery by its magnificence. It includes two temples, the connected lobby:

Holy Симеоновский and Archangel Michael. Holy Симеоновский temple (1885) built at the spot where the legend of the casket of St. Simeon rose source of water. Now under the Altar of this Church is the tomb of Simeon with the Holy healing spring, where they are freely accessible.

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