In the Resorts of Spain protective masks shooting even on the beach

The President of the Andalusian government Хуанма Moreno has confirmed that the wearing of masks is mandatory with the midnight on the 15. July in the whole of the Costa del Sol. Where, doesn’t matter if this is a collection of people in a public place, or a Tourist, is located in the Park all alone.

Note: due to the fact that, in Spain, were the cases of the disease novel coronavirus, “масочный mode” enters into force across the country. The authorities appealed to the population with the call: “Despite the heat, the difficulties and limitations, we have to get used to wearing a mask constantly. When using the mask, the risk of infection is reduced up to one percent”.

After Europe opened, an inner border, thousands of tourists flocked to the Mediterranean coast. This led to the fact that the police was forced to close the entrance to several great beaches. In some communities, the local population began to develop “туристофобия” because of the foreigners, the security measures ignore.

New rules for the wearing of masks repeated decisions in other holiday areas in Spain, including Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. For the perpetrators of the sanitary regime there with the 20. July introduced fines in the amount of 100 Euro.

On Mallorca and Ibiza makes softened requirements: exceptions are made for the beaches and Pools for the Park zones and when you eat or drink in a Restaurant.

In Barcelona, tourists wearing masks for the face on the beach, or if you sunbathe by the Pool, on the territory of the hotel. The mask can only be for diving or swimming in the sea or swimming Pool.

The police recommended that the foreign tourists may not be familiar with the new rules, “the Chance to improve”. For the first time, a warning and then a penalty to you.

Health-related restrictions in the country, as long as not an effective treatment is found, or vaccines. TURIZM.RU

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