In the Novgorod Region, a new Route of the train opened “swallow”

TASS, 11. July. The new train route passenger train “swallow” was in the Novgorod Region. The train started to run between the town of Staraya Russa and St. Petersburg, have informed in the press service of the territorial government.

“Today, for the first time in the history of the high-speed train Russa came in Staraya. This modern train produced in Russia: 350 people now come from St. Petersburg here-it’s quick, convenient and above all safe. I think that this train will enjoy the passengers popular. I invite all to visit this wonderful city,” – said at the opening of the Route, the Deputy General Director of JSC “Russian Railways” Dmitry Пегов, quoted by the press-Service.

The Governor of the region Andrey Nikitin said that the opening of a new Route expands the possibilities for the Region’s residents and tourists who plan to visit in the Region. “The new road, any road: the railroad, the automobile – which is always a Plus for development. Today, this “swallow” is Saint-Petersburg, Valdai and Staraya Russa connects. Such a Route has never been. This new opportunity also for the inhabitants of the Region and for tourists”, – the press service quoted his words.

“Russian Railways” extended the TGV Route “swallow” no 721/722 Saint-Petersburg – Saint-Petersburg to Valdai and Staraya Russa. From St. Petersburg “swallow” is a double composition (10 cars). Upon arrival in St. Petersburg, one of the compositions is fixed to тепловозу ТЭП70БС, with which he drives up to the stations Valdai and Staraya Russa to неэлектрифицированным pages. This scheme has a positive effect on some other routes such as Moscow – Ivanovo, St. Petersburg – Sortavala St. Petersburg – Pskov

Stops and prices

According to the Octyabrskaya railway (OR works in the Railways), starting with the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg at 07:17, the train “swallow” will come to the Station Valdai in 11:53 (on the weekend on the Station Staraya Russa 14:00). In the reverse direction of “Schwalbe” is from the Station Valdai sent in 16:42 (on the weekend of the Station Staraya Russa 14:40), arrival in St. Petersburg at 22:10. On the way stops are combined on the stations, Kolpino, Tosno, Chudovo, Rostov, Irkutsk, perm, Едрово, as well as additional stops on weekends: Лычково, Кневицы, gender, Parfino.

On the train, passengers will be prompted to Service: Business, Economy and Basic class. For passengers with disabilities, two-columns-lifting platform for wheelchair users, allows you to landing/ landing including low platforms. In the car No. 1 with the mounting for wheelchairs and the button of a call of the conductor.

Tickets for the “swallows” St. Petersburg – Vologda you can buy at a price of 738,7 rubles, St. Petersburg – Staraya Russa – of 898,8 Euro. In the case of the issuance of the Tickets for the price of the “Kids” (for children up to 10 years) price reduced to 70% for passengers under 21 years of age and older than 60 years – 30%.

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