In the new year holidays, the rescuers are around-the-clock service on Таганае and Иремеле


In the New year южноуральские Savior does not leave the tourists in trouble. On the most popular tourist routes — mountain-complex “taganay” and “Iremel” there are rescue posts organized around the clock дежурством employees, GA Bibl, reports the Website in a press-abteilungsdienst.

“Rescue-post to be issued at 31 December 11 January in NP “taganay” (shelter “pop-keys”) and in PP “Iremel” (settlement Тюлюк). Around the clock and at any post in the service by two to four rescuers. Each rescue group will be made available to snowmobile, sentences of special and medical equipment and professional equipment,” it says in the message.

According to experts, in the Christmas holidays observed influx of tourists. The most popular Hiking trails “taganay” and “Iremel” have different levels of difficulty. Most of the tourist bases busy in the Christmas holidays.

Rescuers remind: go to the Tourist Pass alone or in a group, you can register by phone at 112 or 01 (101), identified the main points of the Route, length, duration, number of participants of a hike, the time (place) of the output of the group, and the estimated time of return. It is essential to accelerated implementation of life-saving surgery. The registration is free of charge.