In Thailand in mid-January, the Festival tourism

BANGKOK, 31. /Corr. TASS Alex Сковоронский/. The annual Festival of tourism, which in Thailand start of new tourist season, held in Bangkok from 13. to 17. About TASS on Thursday reported that in the Tourist current Thailand.

The place for its implementation selected area of Lumpini Park is located in the centre of the capital. “Tourism Festival very suitable event for the Start of the new season. On a construction site, you can see and try, the fun, the from different parts of the country. It is a great opportunity for the travellers get Inspiration for new travel”, – said the head of tourism Management Thailand Йутхасак Супасорн.

The guests of the festival in Lumpini Park in the position to observe how таиландцы weaving of silk, commit, religious rituals, Boxing, dancing, and singing, and also try the tasty treats that are known for the different regions of the Empire.

Festival of tourism, catchy music, dance and colorful costumes, will be in Thailand already in the 36. time.

The tourism industry is one of the most important for Thailand. Their contribution to the GDP of the country will be at the level of 10%. According to the Ministry of tourism and sports, in this year foreign tourists for 11 months was spent in Thailand, more than 1.3 trillion Baht ($37 billion). In the past year against the background of political unrest and the introduction in the country of martial law, the number of tourists showed a negative trend, a decrease of 6.7% and closed at 24,78 million people. But this year the Situation managed to significantly improve it. As expected, in the coming year, Kingdom visit 30 million travellers. The primary gain in the industry to offer the tourists from China.