In Thailand explosions: on the consequences and the future – the Thai tourism industry

The owners of tourist companies, Hotels, and executives of companies, the business attractions of the holiday resort of Hua hin, reports that the number of visitor stays in one of the most important tourist centers in Thailand is high, despite the recent there were explosions. About this reported the International Public Relations Division Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

According to the Bureau, the life is back to normal after the recent incidents on 11. and 12. August.

Fears that tourism in the resort of serious suffering, have not been met, say representatives of the tourism industry in Hua hin: the majority of the arrivals, international and national tourists decided to spend your holidays. The guests of the active visit the famous beach and the city centre with its shops, Restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of places of the Commission of crimes.

Thus, the district around the tower with the clock, has become the focus of the incidents 12. August is full of tourists as before. Tourist attractions around and within the Region is also a large number of visitors, and in the coming days, the number of tourists will only increase.

The head DID Ютасак Супасрон about the consequences of past events: “We are delighted that the life in Hua hin, get back to the normal river bed. It is once again reflects the confidence of the people in their own safety. The collected measures were across the country, including in this Resort. Therefore, guests can confidently continue your vacation.”

According to a statement from the Ministry of tourism and sports, the impact of the recent events for туротрасли, most likely, will be minimal, because the authorities do not connect these events with the international terrorism (Anm. TRN: hardly, in this context, is yet to share on international terrorism and internal. Every Form carries in itself the danger to life and limb of persons).

The Ministry explains that expected by the end of 2016, the revenue from the industry Baht in the amount of 2.4 trillion, compared with
To 2.24 trillion Baht in the year 2015, when the country was visited 29.8 million tourists.

Meanwhile, in the night of the present in Thailand bomb attacks. According to the Federal mass media, the incidents occurred in the South of the country in the provinces of Yalla, Наративат and Pattani. The first Explosion was held at the Kiosk, two more – jewelry-Shop and shops with stationery goods.

While it is reported that no one was hurt. The police believe that the crimes of radical separatists in the southern part of Thailand. Your goal, according to the authorities of the country, areas of the recovery. Therefore, they try to frighten off the tourists.
We will remind, on may 11. and 12. August in the country occurred on 13 attacks, were killed four people, another 35 have been injured.

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