In Sochi on the coast fell the first snow, Ski Resorts, with tourists filled

SOCHI, 3. January. /Corr. TASS Tatyana Полинюк/. The black sea coast of Sochi in the last night’s sleep the first for this Winter’s snow. In the mountains at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level in the air temperature up to minus 15 degrees, reported TASS in the administration of the Resorts.

“According to the reports of the meteorologists at the 3. January until the end of the day is up to 10 degrees of Frost, snow, ice on the roads, it is not excluded, the accumulation of wet snow on the wire and the trees”, – said in the city administration of Sochi.

In the coastal areas of Sochi, the height of the snowpack is still not more than 5 cm in the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana lack of snow not experience the Ski season here opened in late November.

The roads filled with tourists

With the beginning of the New year at ski resorts in Sochi with each passing day, an increasing number of tourists.

“Still on the eve of the New year on our slopes are more than 6.7 thousand. After meeting new year’s eve, many guests prefer to relax in the rooms, only for the first two days of 2016 sold more than 9 thousand passes,” said TASS in the press-Service Resort “roller coaster city”. It is important to note that in these holidays, mountain Hotels filled to 97%.

Despite predicted previously for sensation, ski passes, Tickets for cable cars ski resorts in the free sale. The ski resorts expect massive Check-ride closer to Christmas.

A special Shuttle-Bus for skiers, Transfer from airport Sochi hotel in Krasnaya Polyana, time in the hour brings on the stops of new Party guests. “Their Christmas holidays in Sochi, in fact, not initially the intention of confessed TASS Tourist from Moscow, Sergey. Friends met here in the New year, so colorful painted everything, what the family Council decided – go”.

Tourists in the mountains, indulge in a pomegranate mulled wine and honey and pepper

For those who have not yet decided to embark on the Ski, in the mountains of Sochi there are many other attractions: reel, indoor water parks and even shopping centers with 3D cinemas. On the places of Hotels held a Christmas fair with краснополянскими Souvenirs and “special” treats.

“Specifically for Ski season have prepared the famous Sochi чурчхелу – nuts in grape juice, well раскупается краснополянское “know-how” – honey with different additions: Kiwi, sea buckthorn and red pepper. Best – selling non-alcoholic mulled wine from pomegranate juice,” said the seller Анаида Челян.

In a festive mode ski resorts in Sochi will be working up to 10. The city authorities expect that Christmas and new year holidays on the black sea coast will be not less than 270 thousand tourists.