In Moscow from New Halal Hotel


In Moscow from New Halal Hotel, the AZIMUT Moscow Olympic Hotel. About it reported in the press release of the hotel, press release to the editor of the “” on Tuesday, 29. December.

To participate in the program, Halal Friendly Hotels, oriented to guests, the Islam confession, the Hotel has the necessary certification. Were here with two rooms, and the rooms are housed pointer towards Mecca. Now also available on request at reception can be granted, the prayer rug and the Koran.

Hotels in the program to make the focus on organic food. As mentioned in the AZIMUT Moscow Olympic Hotel, in whose restaurant was the Test places the preparation of Halal dishes, and the staff of the kitchen and Restaurants by to instructions.

How can we explain the leadership of the hotel, the Hotel was part of enabled is Halal Friendly Hotels, met the new Trends in the hospitality industry. “For 11 months of the year 2015, the number of guests from Iran in AZIMUT Moscow Olympic Hotel increased by 60 percent, the majority of them are Muslims”, you notice.

AZIMUT Hotels — the international hotel chain, in the year 2004. Today includes 24 Business Hotels in 19 cities in Russia, Germany and Austria.

Previously 21. December, it was reported that the Malaysian airline Rayani Air has the world’s first flight-to suit Sharia. Before the flight, for the passengers to read the prayer. The entire crew consisted of the Muslims, and the stewardesses wore headscarves. The food on Board was only Halal, alcohol is not served, and its use was strictly prohibited.

Also in December, the Deputy head of rostourism Sergey Korneev said that Russia offers to the tourists from Muslim countries of the Persian Gulf, the program of hospitality “Halal-Friendly”. This concept includes not only the халяльную kitchen, “it is usually the program of hospitality, a conception of the relations of Russia with the Muslim world, and can such things, as for example in the menus of the Restaurants on the Arab language”. In addition, holidaymakers are Russian and Caucasian cuisine as well as exotic for the inhabitants of the Persian Gulf Winter tours.