In Mexico up to the year 2015, the revenues from tourism have $17 billion

MEXICO city, 7. January. /Corr. TASS Ivan Валюк/. Up to the year 2015, the revenue from the sphere of tourism in Mexico, $17.4 billion, said on Wednesday the head of the responsible office of Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, speaking at a meeting with representatives of the accredited in the country of the diplomatic corps.

According to the words of the Minister, the growth in comparison to 2014 “amounted to 9.2%”, and Mexico ranked 10. Place among the most visited countries in the world”. De la Madrid Cordero stressed that in the last three years as a “smokeless industry” has developed very dynamically and has made a significant contribution to the national GDP. The Mexican authorities expect this year to visit the country of about 31 million tourists, which should bring about $18 billion

The first place among the most important markets for the provider of the tourists in Mexico, traditionally the United States. In the year 2014 just on the way the country came more 7,16 million Americans. The second place went to Canada with around 1.67 million people, and the third, of great Britain, with 459 of thousands of tourists.