In Karelia created a mystical Off-Road Route

In Karelia, a new tourist Route for the Standard and the prepared all-terrain vehicles. He leads historical and mystical places of Karelia, and it takes more than 1.5 thousand kilometers. In addition, the government of the Republic reports.

On the way, unique monuments and Karelia: Варашев stone and Finnish hamlet in Приладожье, Finnish stone dam in Суоярвском area, mountain Воттоваара in Муезерском territory and demons in the nose Пудожском area, as well as other interesting places are waiting for tourists.

This Route has already been tested in the context of the unique “Транскарельской Trophy-Expedition”, at the end of last week. The participants were more than 20 crews from the stock, Moscow, Murmansk, Apatite, Pikalevo, Vyborg, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk.

“Транскарельская Trophy-Expedition” – is a new step in the development of automobile tourism in Karelia, new, and exciting off-road tracks and unknown sights that are not marked on the tourist maps.
The Route of the Expedition included not only the “wild”, but also the most comfortable seats of the bus stops: sandy beaches and pine trees-drill.

In contrast to the RAID “KARELIA Trophy”, the multi-sporting event, “Транскарельская Trophy-Expedition” – event, versatile, combines leisure, culture, tourism, Sport and research.

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