In Domodedovo passengers opened free cinema

The Moscow airport Domodedovo opened кинопорт DME – free cinema for passengers and guests of the Air Harbor. The project is timed to coincide with the implementation of the year of the Russian film week. The Repertoire of the cinema amount to classics of the Soviet cinema and modern paintings, reports a press-service of the airport.

So, on the eve, 16. August in the framework of the премьерного кинопорта DME spectator viewing saw the Film “Girls”.

The beginning of the sessions in the cinema – daily at 20:30. Input for авиапутешественников and visitors of the airport. Кинопорт DME is open to the public in the time of 16. August to 11. In September 2016.

The cinema is located under the open sky in the immediate vicinity of the Eastern end of the terminal.

For a comfortable the organizers consider to provide the audience with cushions-armchairs and cushions, as well as drinks and Snacks, prepared in a factory Catering to the airport, available in the Snack Bar.

The Moscow Domodedovo airport invites lovers of cinema, the first nation-wide “Film night”, after the night of 27. on the 28. August in Кинопорте DME. Under the open sky, you will not be watching movies, but look off, and the reference to the landing of aircraft.

The history of Moscow Domodedovo airport is closely connected with love of millions of viewers buzzing: in our airport and were shooting of films such as “the Crew” Alexander Mitta and “irony of fate or With light steam!” Eldar Ryazanov.

The Moscow Domodedovo airport is one of the largest air ports in Russia, in the year 2015, the airport handled 30.5 million people. The best airport in Russia and the CIS according to Skytrax. Domodedovo is chosen for flights to Moscow by members of the world’s leading Airline alliances – Star Alliance and oneworld.

Text-only Version of the Release, Repertoire, Layout, and photography Кинопорта DME in the attached files:



17. August

“A diamond Hand” in 1968.

18. August

“Beware of the Car” in 1966.

19. August

“Jolly Fellows” Of 1934.

20. August

“Spring” in 1947 and practiced.

21. August

“Champions: Faster. Above. More” 2016.

22. August

“Winter evening in Gagra” in 1985.

23. August

“Love and pigeons” of the year in 1984.

24. August

“Welcome, or no Trespassing” in 1964.

25. August

“Mimino” in 1977.

26. August

“We are from Jazz” from 1983.

27. August 28. August

(It Is Night)

1 movie

“Savva. The heart of a warrior”in 2015.

2 movie

“I step through Moscow”, 1963.

3 movie

“Moscow does not believe in tears” in 1979.

28. August

“Pokrovsky Gate” In 1982.

29. August

“Foundling” in 1939.

30. August

“The most charming and attractive” in 1985.

31. August

“Office Romance” In 1977.

On 1. September

“Wolves and sheep: the mad transformation,” in the year 2016.

On 2. September

“Old Men-Robbers” In 1971.

On 3. September

“The man from Boulevard des Capucines” in 1987.

*The date can be set to display in connection with unfavorable weather conditions on the day of the meeting.

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